How do genius’s overcome boredom/lack of motivation? I can’t get motivated for school work, its too easy. What can I do to help myself?

by | May 5, 2017 | Question & Answer

Boredom is overcome by highly concentrated meditativeness and living your life from this state. The following video will teach the principle of it. It explains why people get bored while meditating but the same exact principle is applicable to whole life by living meditatively with high concentration.

The state of relaxed alertness in meditation, combined with the discovery of the love within your heart and also focusing here while living your life will bring the experience of life force energy/unconditional love into your life. Then whatever you do will be infused with this energy. Your genius will be expressed and will increase, as long as you keep honoring the unconditional love within your heart, while staying as the awareness. You will increasingly discover more of the creative being that you are. If you devote yourself with sincere effort, you will quickly transcend your teachers, most of whom teach from fixed sets of ideas into living in the present moment, grounded in reality and creating from an advanced but natural state of consciousness.

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