How do I have better luck in dating as a guy, if I’m struggling with being boring?

by | May 2, 2017 | Question & Answer

This will be a definite answer to your question.

The mechanism of the mind is that it seeks unconditional love. The conditioning of the mind determines how it seeks it, but it always seeks this unless it is being experienced in the present moment.

Unconditional love is life force energy. We have the ability to feel this life force energy by bringing our attention to it. However, in this world we are very heavily conditioned to believe that this life force energy is out there somewhere and we must chase after it by trying to fulfill certain conditions to be able to feel it.

This conditioning sinks so deep that we become numb, get stuck in patterns of thinking, generally unable to feel unconditional love much, or only in brief moments in little doses, to comfort ourselves a bit.

This is boredom.

Boredom can be conquered by developing a sharp concentration to within ourselves, where the flow of this life force energy enters us. If we keep concentrating here, boredom will vanish!

This is an example person who had reached a spontaneous state of existence, was aware of the flow of love within their heart and it was naturally detectable by others in his way of being. This was the essence of his great oratory power:

So, how can we conquer boredom, learn to live from our hearts and learn to access this flow of life force energy? By doing this, we become beacons of love as well, and as minds of people seek this unconditional love, and are unaware that it is within them, they (those whose conditioning has some affinity with your appearance) will inevitably be drawn to this love that we are expressing. Just like Osho reached so many people and touched so many hearts, in his own way, we can touch people in our own way, when we discover this flow of unconditional love within us and start to bring this into this world.

The following video will teach how to conquer boredom. Understand that, if you learn how to meditate correctly, and live your life with this level/depth of meditativeness, you will no longer be bored, and you will be naturally expressing the unconditional love that all seek:

Why am I bored when I meditate? Incorrect meditation causes boredom.

The video is not just about meditation. If you understand it, it is about conquering boredom in your life.

  • To learn meditation start with this article: What is meditation? How to practice meditation.
    • Establish a daily meditation practice. As you progress you will discover the spiritual heart. Then you will learn to conquer boredom forever.
  • This article gives more information about different meditation practices and teaches about the flow of life force energy/unconditional love: Types of Higher Self Meditation Practices
  • This page contains a thorough step by step guidance about our true nature, the experience of which all people are seeking/desiring in the depths of their mind (unless they are already in that state). The more we experience our true self, the more we learn to live a joyous life and let go of what does not serve us (makes us unhappy) and we gradually become an inspiration for others as we express ourselves from this space: New to Higher Self Teachings? Start here.

As you progress in living from love, whatever you do, you will increasingly do with grace. When you are speaking, in time your oratory skills will become more and more skillful. Your human self will be filled more and more with this life force energy, as you awaken more and more as a creative being. The capabilities will increase in all aspects, your life will open up in the direction that your heart truly desires. And happiness will increasingly come into your experience.

During this process, we let go of many stuck energies within ourselves and this is a process of understanding them. So, it is not a joy ride. It is a learning ride with ups and downs. But each down brings a valuable lesson. And after a certain point, suffering starts to leave our life and joy begins to expand into it.

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