Does being completely sober help you become more productive in your daily tasks?

by | Jun 11, 2019 | Question & Answer

The more clarity you have in your mind, the more effective your actions will be. With a mind in chaos, you won’t be able to accomplish what truly matters to you with efficiency. Even while being sober, the mind needs to be purified to become peaceful and calm to have clarity. Peace can be created practicing meditation. To make this the default state, we keep practicing living a meditative life and gradually transform our actions such as diet to have healthy body/mind/emotions. Meditation is learning to become ‘stoned’ with your own inner energy, without the side effects of chemicals. It is a state of alert relaxation. Once enough mastery is achieved through practice (no shortcut for this and everybody has to learn the lessons of this sooner or later to master it), a matching intelligence will also arise from your depths allowed by the clarity of your mind and your choice to maintain this. Your effectiveness in life will also increase equivalently. This doesn’t mean running around seemingly doing more. This is becoming truly effective, learning to act wisely from a higher level of intelligence. General intensity of life will definitely increase. I would say, learn to be awake, whether you are drunk or sober. Awakeness leads to productivity, leads to becoming a full fledged life. I would also say, any dependency (or addiction) to any drugs or alcohol is ultimately a state of weakness. It’s OK to have weaknesses, but we can also choose to explore states beyond these weaknesses, eventually conquering them/evolving to greater understanding.

Update (Oct 27, 2019): We as our true selves are never reduced in any way by our addictions. It is just that the addictions are a subconscious dissipation of our energy, so they limit our experienced capacity of creativity. When we come into our mind/body/emotions as awareness, the subconscious desire to seek happiness will be satisfied by our experience of our own self. So, now the energy will not need to seek out for satisfaction. Fulfillment will be being created from within. And we will experience ever greater capacities of creativity, ever greater levels of productivity. This doesn’t mean we will start producing like machines. But what we produce will be more potent, more changing, more inspiring, more impactful.

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