What’s the easiest way to fix negative self worth?

by | Jun 1, 2019 | Question & Answer

Meditating on the SELF. You are the SELF, which is all life, the entirety of life.

Negative self worth is an experience of suffering. Every person has their own words to express their suffering. You have used those words.

Suffering exists because at some level we believe we are an imaginary separate self from the entirety of life. We believe this imaginary self is real, and when this imaginary self has not evolved enough with the experience of unconditional love, it experiences itself as unworthy of love.

Unconditional love is one of the aspects of this SELF. This is the energy of life. Another aspect of this SELF is Awareness. This is the container of all forms. When we meditate on the SELF, we put our attention on unconditional love as best as we know it and we stay aware, we stay as Awareness. Since we are the SELF, when we put our attention to these aspects of ourselves, our imaginary self, our personal understanding of life starts to evolve with the understanding coming from the experience of the universal self (SELF).

The more we experience ourselves consciously as the SELF, the more the imaginary self dissolves, and along with it, our suffering. Just like a dark room can be illuminated with a light source and the experience of darkness disappears, when we experience ourselves as this SELF fully enough, our suffering disappears. Not that the possibility of suffering was destroyed, not that darkness was destroyed. Our suffering was removed and that was all that was important. So, there is no need to struggle with your suffering. There is no need to struggle with darkness. Simply work to awaken to who you truly are, simply focus on this every moment possible, every moment you can and you will most quickly become free of your suffering. The room will be lit and darkness won’t be your problem any more, because you will understand how to be free of it.

You must understand the profoundness of this answer. Then desire to experience yourself as the SELF and keep concentrating on the SELF. Desiring the experience of the SELF and concentrating on the SELF in every moment to the best of your ability is the quickest path towards enlightenment.

Now, to get to Mars, we may try to build a ladder. It may seem easy at first, but after a while it will get increasingly difficult to build it. We may build this ladder one day out of futuristic materials, but that day may come in thousands of years. On the other hand, if we study science and engineering and go through a path that needs discipline, dedication and higher learning, we may seem to make little progress in the beginning, but our general progress will be much faster. We can get to Mars within a century this way.

Similarly, now going to the supermarket and buying an ice cream can seem to be easier than learning to meditate on the SELF and may make you forget your low self worth for a few moments. But when you look at the bigger picture, going for truth, seeking and going for the experience of the truth of your heart will reveal itself to be the easiest path to remove suffering. All paths which avoid truth and try to create temporary solutions have to one day understand their limitations and evolve towards greater understanding.

Check out the following video to receive a teaching from the teacher who carries a level of wisdom, purity and high energy and throughout the years have been a guide that allowed me to reach an understanding to be able to create this answer. It will provide you information, energy and guidance to put the principles in this answer into practice, to create the actual intended experience:

How to Overcome Low Self-Worth to Spiritually Connect Within

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