What does burnout do to your brain?

by | Oct 12, 2019 | Question & Answer

I am not medically qualified to answer your question. This is a research topic and you can check scientific journals etc. for a scientific answer.

However, if you asked this question to learn more about how to heal burnout, I would suggest you consider this analogy and approach.

If a person has become unhealthy through an unnatural diet and unhealthy mind/emotions, they don’t need to know exactly what has happened to their say.. liver. By focusing on creating healthy, conscious living in tune with their inner, higher intelligence, the liver will also gradually heal without them knowing all the physiological details. You don’t need to know every detail with your intellect. The intelligent path is to realize the existence of our higher intelligence, and trust this to guide us without needing to control everything with our intellectual brain. Just focus on living with peace, naturally, from your heart and trust that your focus on this will channel your energy in this direction, every moment you maintain this focus, creating the results. Trust this and patiently maintain your focus and in time the results will come. Being in tune with our innate nature brings health, energy, gradual healing and the evolution of our understanding.

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