How do you manage your stress when sales are down ?

by | Oct 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

I live a lifestyle where I strive to live such a way that stress is not created in the first place. When we haven’t yet gained conscious mastery of how we create reality, our circumstances can seem to be responsible for our stress. However, living with awareness increasingly teaches us that this entire thing called life is one with us. As I gained such insights over the course of my life and honored my inner knowing, I began to see the possibility that we can create a life free of suffering. I increasingly understand through experience that suffering can be transcended by living more and more consciously, living as consciousness in more and more of our lives as a default state of living.

This requires consistent work to awaken ourselves more and more to this state.

Our understanding of money is directly related to how much we have awakened to the oneness of all life with us. The more awakened we are, the more a sense of trust also grows within us. This trust allows us to be OK with fluctuations in our financial situation. From a growing state of awareness, we responsibly deal with our finances, too, but not from a place of fear that would constrict our creative energy and pull us into patterns and ways of thinking that create stress within us.

So, as a step 1, you must take more responsibility for your entire experience of life. You must learn to untie your happiness from how much money you earn, or how much sales happen in your company/business. (This answer can provide insights about that)

With responsibility, seek the knowledge of how a human being truly creates happiness in this world. My advice is, seek this within yourself first and foremost. You can look at the world, too to learn, but don’t look at people who just chase after money to create a sense of happiness in themselves. Look at people who are truly fulfilled, who are able to treat money with equanimity, who are able to value life above money. This way, you as life can learn how to value yourself and find out how you can create experiences to keep learning how to be happy from within and be a strong individual who can responsibly create his life even though circumstances might fluctuate.

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