I just heard about the unexpected departure of some employees from my new company after my boss felt he had invested in them. My boss is unhappy with them. If you were my boss how would you have felt and handled such?

by | Nov 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

You can invest in people but they will still do what they truly want to do. To avoid disappointment simply don’t have unrealistic expectations. Investing in people does not guarantee that they will make choices based on your preferences. In fact this is a rather selfish understanding of investing. Are you reserving their loyalty or are you actually investing in them?

Invest in people so that you are supporting their happiness. Happy people are the best for the world. Anyone who knows how to be happy can support others to be happy. Aren’t we trying to create a world where everyone is happy?

To be able to do this, you must be able to be happy by your own energy. This way, you will feel free to let people go, when they truly wish to go. You will be free to be alone, or with a team. You will know that each and every action you take is contributing to the happiness of the entire world, while you yourself will feel free all the time. From the get-go, don’t tie your happiness to circumstances. If you tie it, then you are a slave of circumstances. Make it such that your happiness is always guaranteed, no matter what happens in the world. This might sound counter-intuitive, but if you look within yourself, you will see that it is actually intuitive. I am saying that, find within yourself the core energy of happiness and bring this into this world, and that the world is of no consequence, that your decision to bring this to the world is enough.

This way, you will be always the boss. Whether you have a business or not. You will be the boss, because your happiness will be 100 percent your choice. Now, whatever people do, you will still feel free to do what is required for this world’s highest good.

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