If I confess that I am a sinner then am I forgiven and therefore not a sinner? If I must confess that I am a sinner in order for Jesus to forgive me then am I truly a sinner or not?

by | Sep 13, 2019 | Question & Answer

Sin is when you keep believing you are separate from God. Such as a God out there judging you to be good or bad. See.. when you separate God’s creation into good and bad, within your mind, all the while remaining unaware that you are the entirety of this all, one with God, it is inevitable that you will bump into sin in a personal way.

For example: Isn’t killing a sin? Well, we are killing millions of tiny beings every second. Do you know how many plants and insects we kill just by walking and breathing?

Another example: Lusting and greed. No matter what someone does, when they remain believing that they are a separate person, they will have preferences of certain objects. They will try to hold on to these objects, to acquire them, they will chase after them or try to keep them when they have them. It doesn’t matter if you are identified as vegan, vegetarian, omnivore, etc.. one part of you will lust after what corresponds with what you identify with lacks. Inevitable sin.

Another example: Fear of survival. If you think you are the body, you will want to preserve it, and fear for its destruction. If you have some intellect above animals you will want to set up a system that ensures its survival. Then, you will become attached to this system when habituated into it because the way you live is more or less subconsciously controlled. So, inevitably, you will fear anything that threatens the continuation of this system. Inevitably, one part of you will hate whatever threatens this, no matter how much another part speaks of believing in love.

For real forgiveness, I say, come to a state of consciousness where sin does not exist. Come to the place where you live with the knowledge that everything is created by God, everything is one with God, everything is God. This makes you also God, not in a personal way, but in a universal way. They say, only God can take away your sins don’t they? So, why remain in the understanding that you are separate person and try to get rid of them? It is impossible. Surrender to God, not to a God away from you somewhere. But to God, which is one with you, which is.. YOU…

Those who don’t understand stay in the level of the mind and with a split mind, keep fighting with themselves. They define God to be judgmental and then comes the judgment inevitably. Stop defining God at all. Stop defining and realize God. Jesus is God also, appearing as a person. You are God also, appearing as a person. Everything is God, appearing as they are. Go beyond appearances to realize this: You can’t be anything other than God. Remain identified in the world of appearances, defining a part of it as yourself, forgetting the oneness and sameness of it all in the ultimate sense, and sin will remain a part of your life, no matter how strongly you fight it.

Stop believing those who benefit from the existence of sin, too. Don’t listen to them. Their identity is based on trying to fight sin, thinking that God will only love them this way. They don’t know God. Love is the basis of all creation. It is unconditional and everywhere, always. Listen to God only. Listen to your own being. Realize God, realize your own being. Know thyself. Not that you have to do these things. They can’t be done. How can you do it when it already exists? Come to the awareness of it by not moving, not doing at all, in an internal sense; come to the awareness of it by as they say.. being..

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