What is the best nootropic or nootropic stack to take prior to a job interview?

by | Sep 14, 2019 | Question & Answer

As you asked this question to me, I will answer it to give a different perspective for you to consider. The answer in my personal opinion is: None. Go as yourself and if you fail; perfect. It would be a chance for you to let go of the idea that you had to get this job to be happy.

Society carries a conditioning that we are not perfect as we are, we can’t be happy, we can’t be peaceful as we are, we have to conform, we have to compete, we have to be better than others, and only then we can be happy.

Our heart has the knowing that we are happiness, we are peace, we can come into our experience and be ourselves and any job performed from this state will be good enough for us. No job?; that too will be good enough, that too will be perfect.

This is the understanding that no magic pill can ‘give’ us what we already have as ourselves. We can believe that pills are powerful, and they will seem powerful, but then.. by and by we will feel trapped by channeling our energy into this idea. The more you go in this path, the more you will feel powerless and pills will seem to be powerful.

But.. before this all.. who are you really?

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