If you are really willing to work, is it inevitable you will find work?

by | Dec 31, 2019 | Question & Answer

This is also about how you define work.

Suppose that I define work like this: “I will work on Elon Musk’s company or nowhere.”

I may be really willing, but I may not find a job opportunity in that company for a long time, maybe never.

This is like.. you may really like someone. You are really willing to be with them. But they may choose not to be with you. It is not inevitable that you will be with them.

But.. if you can go beyond your personhood, and look at life as it is, you can easily find the work that you desire. There are billions of jobs on this planet, and even more things to do than the number of formal jobs.

You just keep the definition of work flexible. Do not define work in any concrete way. Only this, just be alive while working. Be full of life. Be yourself fully. Be life fully. If you choose this, this is inevitable. Then you can do anything in this world that needs doing, that you flexibly match your persona/human self with. And you will feel alive while doing that, so it won’t matter much what you do. You will do that well. You will improve the reality that you are in, filling it with more life.

Sometimes, I go more for my intuition in answering questions. I haven’t fully created all the scenarios to ripeness in this answer, but I am learning more and more the mentioned sense of flexibility, and being a more and more fuller life. And increasingly I am feeling a freedom from what I am doing.

This is like.. everything is already perfect, within this perfection we position ourselves, with our intensity of life and understanding. So, there is not much point in struggling with what is already happening, rather, there is more point in living whatever is happening with a fuller liveliness, so we are positioning ourselves as a more and more fuller life in infinity.

That is why I am saying, keep your definition of work flexible, see life as it is, do not struggle to make it as what you think it should be in your mind, just live it fully as life, as yourself, and it will be a wonderful experience. In your flexibility, inevitably you will find work, and in your being an intense/fuller life, inevitably you will be enjoying it. This answer is also helpful for me 🙂

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