What is the “ABCDE” method of organizing one’s day?

by | Jan 4, 2020 | Question & Answer

Take a careful look. You don’t live day by day aren’t you? You live moment to moment. In fact there is only this moment. There is nothing else. You are always living in this moment. Whether you are remembering a memory, or whether you are imagining the future, or whether you are directly aware with a silent mind, experiencing what is, it is always happening in this moment.

So.. look at your life as a unity, seeing that you are always living this moment. The long term future, the short term future, everything is one unity. Approach it similarly; live this moment the best way you can and the short term future or long term future won’t matter. Anyway you are living it the best way you can, can you do something better in this moment? No. Impossible. Doing already the best you can in this moment, it is inevitable that you won’t be able to do something better in this moment. The next moment, it can be different, there are infinite possibilities. But this moment, you take care of it the best way you can, and what will happen will anyway happen, and you can be OK with it having been doing all that you could do.

See.. if you keep doing this, the next hour, the next 6 hours, the next 24 hours, week, month, years, your life. All will be taken care of.

Your mind wants guarantees. It wants a method of ABCDE and desires that it should apply it and then can go to sleep and everything will be taken care of. OK, tell that to an airliner pilot. Even with autopilot, it is highly irresponsible to go to sleep when piloting an airplane. And is the human being less complex than an airplane? No, it is much more complex. You wouldn’t want to miss a moment to live the best life you can live. Sure, you can give the control to autopilot at times. But then.. don’t complain when the autopilot cannot navigate well through unexpected events of life. Even if it can navigate everything somehow, this means you are living a very boring life, because everything is always going as you expected. I think you won’t be growing much in such a life. (Unless you are doing it like Krishna of course, which I would definitely not call as living in autopilot 🙂 )

This doesn’t mean you won’t be thinking about the future or looking at your memories. But when you do, always be aware that you are in this moment. Attend to it well and the rest will be taken care of.

But how to attend to this moment well? Let’s go to the next step. We have come to another moment and it is still this moment. Up to this moment, I was doing my best to create a good answer. And attending to this moment further, I looked up an answer I remembered reading from an enlightened teacher for a student of enlightenment who was asking for clear steps for enlightenment. The teacher in his answer highlights his basic approach on how to attend to this moment in the best way possible. My advice for you now is to examine this answer and then study some videos of this teacher to learn his approach on how to best attend this moment. These teachings are highly highly precise and effective in teaching the core way to be your best self. My own life has greatly enhanced in quality by studying and applying these teachings in the last decade which are very simple in their core but have been being expressed through thousands of videos, each one like a sparkle in a beautiful diamond, looked from slightly different angles. Each sparkle can teach you this core, and you can observe as many sparkles as you like, enhancing your experience of the expressions of this core:

From Lincoln Gergar’s Facebook Wall, (18 July 2019)

“* * * QUESTION & ANSWER * * *

QUESTION: What more can be said? Specifics…You are talking around it, never getting to the point. It’s like how to drive a car. You are describing the driving experience, the views, the scenery, the velocity, the braking, ect, ect, but never getting to the specifics of how to do it. Like open the door, sit down, put the key in the car, turn it, put it into the desired gear, ect. But the specifics are never given to enlightenment? Talking around it is great, how. Step 1, step 2, step 3….help…

MY ANSWER: I can understand your comment, questions and request. The human mind is so heavily conditioned to believe that our personal realities function like machines – ruled by the rational mind. The conditioned mind wants to feel like it can control the process of awakening, like there are practical steps that will guarantee enlightenment. However this is not a completely accurate way of understanding the spiritual awakening process. Yes rational mind is involved. There are structured practices, but there are also other aspects different than the mind that must be in alignment, honored and, sometimes, cultivated with intention. There are ways of living/being that are different than anything steps can create – such as learning through experience, self-observation, emptying the mind, emotional purification, trust in God / Universal Intelligence, surrender of the personal thought process, etc. There are no “steps” to these, yet they are all necessary for Self-Realization to occur.

In the beginning of every video that I produce in which I am channeling the Higher Self, there is a guided meditation that instructs the viewer to focus on the Spiritual Heart and the empty space of Awareness. These are the steps. Then as you remain in the state, the Higher Self supports your awakening and the education of your personal mind and emotional energy system. The Higher Self brings your personal self into alignment with the Higher Self’s vibration, reality, wisdom, Love, etc. The videos are as much part of the process as the “steps” I just mentioned. Being in the energy of the Higher Self is transformational and important. Ultimately, of course, every person awakens their own Higher Self state within.

If you live, as frequently and consistently as you can, in that the state of Higher Consciousness that these steps create, you will notice that your conditioned mind becomes connected automatically to the Higher Mind and that the Spiritual Heart bliss energy automatically begins to expand to fill all parts of the human self and space of Awareness. Whenever you leave this Heart Awareness state, simply return to it. When you get pulled into thoughts and emotional reactions, daydreaming and doubt, simply come back. You are training yourself to live in your deepest state of consciousness and to remove identification on the transient changing thoughts and emotions.

This method is so finely tuned, so precise, so effective that most people cannot comprehend it and therefore doubt it. The effectiveness is in the simplicity and exact nature of the instruction.

I hope that my answer helps your mind to clearly understand the steps that I teach and also the importance of connecting to the Higher Self in my videos, and of course, the videos of other spiritual teachers that you consider living at a high level. Saturate yourself in the highest wisdom and Love that you can find. God bless.”

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