I haven’t received formal Reiki training. I will answer this question based on my understanding as a yogi.

Life is one single entity, intelligent and aware. Therefore, nothing is not DIVINE. Everything is from God, everything is within God, everything is God.

It is only the minds of men that have an understanding of separation that something is Godly and something is ungodly. This is just understanding, it is not the ultimate truth.

When Jesus cures the blind, or the body heals by itself, it is not that different. Just the same energy has moved seemingly in different ways. Mmmm.. is it that different when a candle gives light to illuminate or the Sun gives light to illuminate? Light is light.

When our body heals, it is our Love that heals it. It is our Love that energizes it. We are Love. It just appears as Jesus is present when the body is cured of blindness, but it is the Love that heals it. Jesus is appearing. Love is. When Jesus disappears as a person, Love still is.

Can all the medicine in the world heal an actually dying person? If the slightest (capable of overriding) power was in the medicine itself, life could be extended indefinitely by only medicine. Medicine just appears to heal when it does. Just as everything appears to be separate objects, but in truth is one indivisible reality.

Anything that happens is Godly. Humans may believe this or that religion is the right religion, but in fact, everything ever is Godly. The source of everything is God.

So, if something actually is working, why judge it to be Godly or ungodly? The important thing is it actually works. Just look carefully at all possible levels, right to the root. Does it actually work or not? If something can happen, it is only through divine will that it can happen. The rest is hallucination.

We can become aware of the Divine Love energy within. We just need to bring our attention to Divine Love. Intuitively, I feel that if we can be pure enough in our vessel, we can assist in bringing greater amounts of Divine Love into this world, assisting others who are not that pure in their vessel. Pure means, internal blocks that are restricting the flow of Divine Love into our vessel have been sufficiently removed. We can assist others, but if they don’t truly desire to change the root causes of their ailment, the effects of our assistance will be temporary. They will revert to their default choice of reality sooner or later.

Just as there are snake oil salesmen and true physicians who are devoted to science and integrity, there will be ‘healers’ with different levels of purity of intention. In my opinion, there may be highly pure intentioned Reiki practicioners, just as there may be highly pure intentioned Christians and vice-versa. Instead of labeling, we must look at the actual reality, we must see things as they are.

Finally, I don’t believe that healing others is something that is of the highest order of understanding. Each and every being should better wake up to their divinity, not remain forever in a state where they feel they need to be healed by others. We must take 100 percent responsibility of our reality. This is similar to taking responsibility of our health, instead of living irresponsibly with a hope that doctors can give us health. When we are responsible, being aided by a doctor is perfect, it means their intervention is actually the needed action here. I feel it is the same with all levels of health.. imagine running to Jesus every time we hurt ourselves to heal us. The way I imagine a God realized person like him would definitely teach us how not to hurt ourselves in the first place, not just take our pain away which would result in only a temporary relief.

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