How do I make an eight hour workday go by faster?

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Question & Answer

Make it a 24 hour workday. Work on listening to your heart and living with its higher intelligence. Here is a very thorough answer.

Firstly, time is only a concept created by humans.

Humans have created a device which divides the motion of the Earth around the Sun into 365x24x60x60 (31,536,000) pieces. Each piece is accepted to take 1 seconds to complete. See.. time is only a concept humans have created based on the observing of the Earth and the Sun.

An eight hour workday takes 28,800 seconds to complete, when you have worked for 28,800 seconds, the Earth will have completed 28,800 pieces of motion.

Now, let’s say it has all happened in one moment, this all motion of Earth, Sun and the entire universe has happened instantly, but now we are focusing on it in such a way that we are able to see it piece by piece in our minds, hence experiencing time as commonly understood. But if we were to look from a different perspective, we would be able to see it fly by instantly, or very quickly. This is like playing a movie in normal speed, or in say.. 1000,000x speed. Or even faster.

Secondly, we can change our perspective and when we do, the way we experience time will change.

We have the inherent ability to focus on different dimensions within ourselves. If we keep focusing on the surface level of our minds, to the thinking mind, and since it will already have been conditioned during our lifetime, we will think like most human beings, and experience time just like they do, piece by piece, second by second, with respect to the movements of the Earth and the Sun.

If however, we start to focus on deeper, closer to the very core of our being, then, the way we experience time will also change. Now, the world will go on, our bodies will move along with the Earth around the Sun, but we won’t be busy counting the pieces in our minds with relative to what we are doing, or while we are bored about doing what we are doing.

Thirdly, we have a deeper intelligence within us which is already experiencing timelessness, because this intelligence is at the core of our being, beyond space and time.

We can awaken to this intelligence by focusing on awakening to it, awakening to the truth of existence, awakening to the core of ourselves, awakening to our spiritual heart. Focusing means, placing our attention to a certain location within ourselves. We can focus on the physical dimension, emotional dimension, mental dimension and even deeper dimensions. Just a simple example is focusing on your finger on the mouse button. Another example is focusing on the text on the screen. Or on your thoughts while reading this text on the screen.

You can likewise start to focus on the center of your chest, the location of your spiritual heart, with the intention to know more about your true self. Intention is also a type of focusing. This intention I mentioned is already deep within your heart, the intention to know who you truly are. Therefore, even holding this intention will be drawing your attention deeper within yourself. Meanwhile, your attention will be pulled to your thinking mind or emotions or body or surroundings from time to time because your mind already has been conditioned to keep focusing on your thinking mind or emotions or physical body most of the time.

See.. there is an entire science of how the human mind works, and this is not just the science of how the brain works. Brain is only a physical part of the body associated with certain parts of the mind. Spirituality is exploring the entirety of the experience of life, with the desire to know the truth of it. Reality is not just about physicality and thinking, if one just focuses on these dimensions, one’s understanding will remain within certain boundaries, and time will be experienced with regards to these boundaries. If one starts to explore deeper aspects of themselves, their understanding with regards to time will evolve as well.

A timeless experience is possible while living as a human being.

When we keep discovering who we truly are, eventually we learn to stay focused on the deeper aspects of ourselves while also living with an awareness of the physical/emotional/mental aspects of this world. We can have the experience of timelessness while being aware of the time as experienced with the common understanding of humanity. We will be able to live from this place, because the core of our being has the intelligence and wisdom that can guide us in this reality. It is one with everything and aware that it is one with everything, and is aware of everything.

A natural result of living from this place of higher intelligence is being fulfilled as well. So, we become able to live in fulfillment, able to live free from thoughts, in a timeless state, yet able to function perfectly in this world. There remains no urgency to count the pieces of Earth’s motion with regards to what we are doing now, because our fulfillment is no longer based on what we are doing in this state of awareness. We are already in trust, and guided by our higher intelligence so we don’t have to think through and divide and dissect mentally everything in our experience, but we can also do that as well if we desire. We can transcend boredom as well in a state of strong enough concentration to this state.

So, you can start from where you are, and keep exploring with an intention to know who you truly are. This intention will start to bring your awareness inward, and your understanding and experience of time will naturally start to evolve and change.

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