In today’s time with excess information and false gurus and so on, where is it that we can learn and practice the true art of yoga and meditation (Kriyas, enlightenment)?

by | Apr 11, 2020 | Question & Answer

Two genuine sources that you can learn from are:

Sadhguru: Homepage

Lincoln Gergar: Higher Consciousness Spiritual Teachings & Guided Meditations Channel Higher Self

Kriya means internal action. Both these teachers are enlightened and include kriya type meditations in their teachings.

There is only one thing that you need to be careful about. Your sincerity. As long as you are genuinely desiring this, the teachers that will help you the most will appear for you in whatever form you need.

Update: I pointed out the importance of sincerity, because whatever we are experiencing is in fact whatever we are actually creating. Being sincere is the willingness, the openness to look at how this is happening, so as a result it becomes a more and more conscious process. Your experience is your teacher, always, because you are learning to be a creator, and your experience is what you are creating. When you are sincere, you will find the teachers that most directly will point you towards truth, because you actually are focusing in that direction. When you are not sincere, you will find teachers/create experiences that are the expressions of a more indirect path towards truth, because you are not willing to let go of many of your illusions. As you desire to hold your illusions, so the teacher or all your experiences will reflect this intent. They will linger, their offered path will linger, as you linger. These too are educational. The illusions won’t fulfill you and any moment you look at it with awareness you will begin to understand this and be able to go further into truth. It is good to have noticed the falseness/ineffectiveness of some gurus, this means you have actually been looking with awareness. Anyone can teach only from the level they are at. The resources I shared teach from enlightened levels of realization. I can see this because I have long been looking at life with awareness/have invested a lot in this direction, and these resources have long resonated with me.

There indeed are experiences available of true gurus as well as false gurus. When you value truth truly, the true ones will appeal to/be coming to you. When you aren’t into it and value more the illusory experiences, the false ones will appeal to/be coming to you. Because you yourself are the creator of your experience and enlightenment is the awakening to this. Looking within myself, as a long time student, this is what I see more and more and more.

Gurus can come in many forms. An experience of disillusionment or an experience of greater joy; even these are gurus. Gurus need not always be persons. But, as it is widely known and used in contemporary culture, gurus are people who are experts of appearing to you in a way that is assisting you to shed your illusions about yourself, about life. One of the insights I am pointing out in this answer is, the teacher need not be a person all the time present, teaching you, therefore it is important to be open to learning whether there is a person directly teaching you or not.

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