Do you find more benefits from a group meditation or from an individual meditation?

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Question & Answer

Until a person learns to meditate, guidance by enlightened people, or experienced meditators will be beneficial, because with this guidance the person will be gaining experiences that help them realize what meditation is. Once they understand, they can start practicing alone also, without guidance. Even without any guidance, we can potentially find how to meditate because it is essentially our innate nature that we are learning to uncover during meditation. Guidance can speed things up for regular people who are conditioned to think the way a contemporary human thinks.

Whether with a group or alone, life gives us what we need at the stage that we are. We are the creators of our life experience. We are life itself as who we truly are. Just sincerely desire to experience truth, and keep focusing in the direction your inner knowing directs you towards and it will start coming into your experience.

I am increasingly coming to the understanding that I am the source of all good things in my life as my true self. And this good is appearing as wonderful inspirational people nowadays (a few examples: [1] [2]) as well as a wonderful increase in my ability to create my happiness and see/feel the beauty of life, and in more and more of it. Basically, the more I love life, the more beautiful life becomes in my experience in every way.

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