I feel super stressed and I’ve once had an amazing Kundalini Kriya spontaneous movements but couldn’t get it to happen again. What can I do?

by | Mar 7, 2020 | Question & Answer

Practice meditation and staying meditative throughout the day as best as you can. As the mind comes to relative peace, the energy will start to come into your awareness again. Do not try to increase or decrease the energies during meditation. Treat them just as you treat thoughts/emotions/sensations.

You can learn meditation from this article. All the core information about what meditation is and how to practice meditation is in it.

You can learn basic meditation from this program. With this you can start to practice breath counting meditation and breath awareness meditation.

After you have an understanding of the basics, you can practice Ujjayi “Victory” breath meditation which is a meditation where the object of focus is the breath. This is a powerful meditation that can rapidly create greater peace within you. This video contains a guided meditation that teaches Ujjayi breath meditation.

It is important to not force spiritual awakening upon ourselves the way our ego wants. For example, if you try to force kundalini movements, you can create havoc in your energy system. It is highly wise to awaken with a sense of trust for our inner guidance. Then, awakening experiences come naturally, without creating harm or distress.

To be best able to access our inner guidance, we must develop an awareness of the deepest aspects of ourselves, Awareness, Divine Love and Higher Intelligence. The following meditation is focusing on the Divine Love aspect:

Higher Self Connects you to your Spiritual Heart

And here is another meditation that focuses on our deepest aspects:

Dive into your Spiritual Heart. Meditation for Peace, Bliss and Love

The more you develop an awareness of who you truly are, the more you will be able to live from the higher intelligence within and gain wisdom. And with such focus, your spiritual awakening can progress efficiently. Keep practicing, honoring this inner guidance, and you will progress.

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