What is it like to be a full-time meditation teacher (paid or unpaid)?

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Question & Answer

Here is an interview with one of the most prolific teachers of our time, Lincoln Gergar. He has been providing one on one sessions for thousands of people per year, each one hour session a powerful channeling that a person can use for a long time even afterwards the session (having been provided a recording). Basically, he is living in rarely found heights of states of awareness, creative energy and intelligence all day long. In 15 years, in addition to this he has produced about 2000 videos in YouTube (usually each more than 10 minutes long, average definitely longer than 10 minutes, I would estimate it is about 15–20 minutes in average which makes around 600 hours of very high quality teachings on spirituality/awakening/enlightenment)

I have been observing him as a student and practitioner for a decade now mostly via Internet, and I feel it boils down to this:

The inner focus of the person, how they create their reality is what determines their experience. One can reach truly the heights of a perfection of experience and Lincoln is one of the nearest to this wonderful possibility in the planet. Inspired by him and some other enlightened beings, my own experience has improved leaps and bounds as well and higher possibilities are seeming very naturally coming and about to come these days. One can teach meditation from different states of being. One can speak and speak, but their state.. this is what matters. This is completely about the Soul, how that being is creating themselves, and it is not about the kind of job they are performing. (unless the very job is the embodiment of one’s highest qualities of Awarenness, Divine Love and Intelligence). A wonderful story by Sadhguru shows how even a butcher can be a wonderful person who can embody these highest qualities.

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