How do I decode the sign of the universe? There are lot of things which I am unable to comprehend while meditating and while connecting with nature.

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Question & Answer

To give an analogy:

Consider the fact that the number PI has not been calculated yet by the most powerful supercomputers in the world. As of 2019, Google says 31.4 trillion digits of PI have been calculated. (3.14 contains two digits)

If you ask me, these supercomputers can keep working till the end of the world, and they still will not be able to come to a conclusive end in their calculations. The reason I think this way is, I sense that the universe is continuously expanding, changing, evolving. It is alive! Now how can you capture the entirety of this aliveness, with something that is a subset of this, which is the body of the supercomputer in this case? The calculative approach cannot reach a conclusion in the sense that you cannot compress the entire understanding of the universe into a subset of this understanding.

But.. with meditation, if you go beyond the mind, if you transcend the mind, and experience it from oneness, from an expansive state of consciousness, from awareness.. then you can start to know the sign of the universe in its essence. Now, you are not trying to squeeze it into your mind. Now you are expanding into the knowledge yourself. In this way, you are decoding, but from a higher understanding.

The example I gave was using the traditional computing approach. I have looked a bit into quantum computing as well. Quantum computers are claimed to promise much greater potential in their capability. It has even been claimed that quantum supremacy (“the goal of demonstrating that a programmable quantum device can solve a problem that classical computers practically cannot”) has been achieved but this still seems to be in dispute:

Sycamore processor – Wikipedia

Even with quantum computing emerging, my sense is that, the universe can only be fully known again by the universe itself. So, if you have to desire to know the universe fully, you must consciously obliterate all the boundaries of your individuality, and become the universe in your experience. Otherwise, you will only be able to decode parts of the knowledge, because you are keeping your attention fixed on a partial understanding of the universe. Let the mind be the mind during meditation. It will comprehend this knowledge as much as it can. The goal is not to capture it in the mind, the goal is to become the entirety of it in experience, so that the mind is seen as a part of this, realizing its oneness with it.

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