Can meditation and mindfulness be the secret weapon against coronavirus anxiety?

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Question & Answer

Yes, we can evolve to the point that we don’t have a fear for our own health from the virus. This has been my experience from the beginning of March, when I began to understand and thought that it would inevitably come to my country and would be everywhere sooner or later.

How so?

Personally I feel I am creating my health from within, just as the other parts of my reality. And I feel strong about my health now, because after years of meditation and purifying my body, I only get mildly sick if I do and only when I don’t take care about what I eat and this starts to happen if I don’t stay consciously in charge of my inner energy. It is like a cause-effect relationship that everytime I can see coming in my current context.

From my youth until today (I am 41 now), some part of me had recognized this. That I was responsible for my health. External things could not save my health if I did not create it. This recognition became more and more conscious as I was going past 30. After some years of going back and forth, and gradually releasing my resistances, and detoxifying my body, I became very healthy today and I feel the energy of life strong within myself. I got through sick periods as well during my evolution, yet I was also intent on working towards truth.

I also studied and applied spiritual teachings, and worked with evolved people which increased my understanding about how to human system works and how we access our inner energy. Practicing meditation and staying meditative, I kept integrating this understanding into my experience.

Now, I only am vary of not becoming a carrier of the virus in order not to harm others. I am not afraid for my own health. In social places, at times I felt apprehension and varyness not to contract the virus, because I had seen studies and simulations about non-socially isolated situations vs socially-isolated situations and it was evident that more lives would be lost when we didn’t take care to do what was necessary in this situation. I don’t know a 100 percent working way to not be a transmitter of the virus if I contracted it, so I am also socially isolating as well. And I am increasingly doing my best to awaken the planet so that people can also learn to be healthy and be free of this fear and become more and more conscious creators of their reality as well. Taking this responsibility is also coming from an awareness of the life energy within myself, and it is a natural expression of this energy because this energy is one with life, it is life itself. Feeling this energy makes me truly resilient to the anxiety most of the world is experiencing.

If you truly desire to go into the awareness of this most fully most quickly, here is a very direct, powerful guided meditation video that guides to focus on this energy most fully:

Increase Your Immunity & Health – Higher Self Channeled Meditation

This is literally like the the Holy Grail in the movie Indiana Jones. You are holding the Holy Grail in your hands like Harrison below (it is already within you). When will you start drinking?

There is also one more aspect about anxiety. It is the financial aspect. Its solution comes the same way. When you start to feel the life energy within you, when you trust in this, when you trust your own experience, your own sincerity, your own focusing inward, your own desire for truth, life will reflect back to you this trust. You will see that life is trustworthy, you will see that your needs are being met. Life loves you so much it gives you what you truly desire. More accurately, you are giving yourself the experiences you desire as life, and you are Love itself.

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