How do you manage people without burning out?

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Question & Answer

This answer aims to layout the principles to be a manager who has captured large amounts of life.

Be selfless like the Sun. Love them unconditionally. Your light can reach billions, but you won’t be burning out.

How does the Sun do it? It must be selfish, too, if you ask me. Only in the sense that it is embodying the greatest amount of light that is close to our system and letting it on all of us, enlightening us. Be selfish then, and embody great amounts of Unconditional Love.

Examine how Sadhguru manages a great number of volunteers. How he shines brightly but does not burn out. Rather, he burns with intensity if you look carefully. He is one sun of a human. 🙂 I am sure he would laugh at my last sentence.

OK.. up to here, the answer was slightly mystical.

You can go really scientific on this, too.

Well, you need to know some psychology to manage people, is it not? How do we learn psychology? By reading books? Well.. reading books will give you the concepts.. But only awareness will give you the knowledge of the psyche. Just turn your awareness to yourself to gain this knowledge. This is the scientific approach. Your mind is already capable of logic. With the knowledge of the psyche, if you use your mind’s logic, you will know psych-o-logy. The logic of the psyche. And then you will best know how to interact with people. 1 or 1000, the principles are the same. Just the level of balance and mastery required may change to handle the intensity.

Meditation can open up both the scientific and mystical path for you. Awareness for scientific and Love for mystical. Combine them both, and you will be masterful. The Intelligence of life will be revealed to you.

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Even Alexander the Great burned out in the end, because he didn’t walk the path to self knowledge fully. To really shine for eternity, you must know thyself.

Update: Today on 28 February 2020, nearly 2 days after I created the answer, Sadhguru App sent me the following quote, which also is about burnout!

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