To help me develop a powerful meditation practice, should I study a course, read a guide, use an app, use a singing bowl, or all of the above?

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Question & Answer

You can learn how to meditate first from a guide/article/course/workshop/etc..

Then all that is required is you keep practicing. As you practice, you will become aware of more and more of life. You will be capturing more and more of life. While this happens, all kinds of learning experiences can come into your life.

By practice, I am pointing to two types of practice:

One is sitting meditation where we focus completely on our meditation as best as we can.

The other is living your life with meditativeness, where we again do our best to be in a state of meditation.

Meditation will introduce you to your deepest aspect, the Awareness. You will also home in to the pure creative energy, the energy of Divine Love as you keep practicing. The awareness of Divine Love will awaken within you, you will learn to consciously focus on this.

The more you maintain your focus on this Divine Love and stay in Awareness, the more it will manifest in your experience. This is THE power. This is who you truly are. There is also the Intelligence of life as one of the deepest aspects of you. Awareness, Creative Energy and Intelligence. As you awaken to all of these, you will be able to maintain a balanced awakening to greater creative power.

Any type of genuine meditation will build up your awareness of who you truly are over time. Keep practicing with the highest devotion you can muster, any genuine path you have been initiated to, the best way you know it. It will open up, since YOU are the creator of your experience. While it is opening up, you will be creating the life experiences you truly desire from within also. These can by your own choice include those in your question as well. Mmm.. I don’t think there is a prerequisite for self realization because one is already the self. So, how it will turn out will be dependent on your choices. Do you want it to be powerful? Then, focus on the power within yourself, but strive to do it with the purest of intentions, so that the power is used to create the purest experiences for you. Basically, be 100% responsible for everything you experience during your awakening, because you already are creating them. Otherwise, it is like letting go of the controls of a vehicle. The larger the vehicle, the larger the damage being irresponsible will create.

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