How does self-awareness affect a person’s career planning?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Question & Answer

Awareness of what you truly value in life brings also a clarity about how you would desire to live your life. Living in awareness teaches us more and more about our self. We gain first hand knowledge by living in awareness. Our understanding of life evolves as a result. This in turn affects our decisions. Unless you had hit the spot from the beginning, you can go in many twists and turns in your career as you become more aware of what is within your heart. Essentially, you are always discovering yourself. The more you sincerely look at who you truly are, the more you will gain clarity as a trend, even though at times you may experience you are going through confusion.

So, there is no need to worry about planning a career, in the sense that you can only plan based on what you know. Rather, focus on gaining clarity through living in awareness, and homing in to the truth of who you are, and live from this state, creating all the experiences of your life, in this way gaining more and more genuine knowledge/wisdom to make more sound decisions. The more you are centered on the experience of truth, the more effortlessly you can create whatever you desire in your life; and your career can be one of these. The wiser you become, the more accurate and simple your plans can be, as you will be discovering and learning to rely more and more on your innate intelligence/higher intelligence.

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