What are some good ways to keep our kids focused now that they have to do their schoolwork from home?

by | Apr 10, 2020 | Question & Answer

Suppose you had a guru at home who did just what you are going to do in essence to your children. Suppose that the guru was using some good ways to keep you focused. How would you feel about that?

It is actually you who needs to learn to focus because now you are turning to your children to keep yourself occupied.

If you can focus on what matters to you the most, your children can observe you and learn how to focus on what matters to them the most. You won’t need to push them around to focus on their schoolwork. And.. if you can find meaning only by pushing your children to focus on their schoolwork.. you will only be teaching them to be pushy.

Look at the above text.. doesn’t it look pushy?

I feel that what is needed is we connect with what we truly value in our lives and keep honoring that. Then, we will genuinely feel the value of what we are doing.. and keep transforming ourselves towards greater and greater happiness. If your child truly could see the value of study, trust me, nobody would have to tell her/him to focus. It is just that, these things should be lived as examples.. a parent can inspire their children and this is the best education they can give. The world is full of people trying to change others, but how many can actually touch life themselves? What is the value of changing others if you yourself can’t feel life? Great conquerors conquered millions of people.. and their empires collapsed when they died.. and most of what they accomplished amounted to creation of misery for others. But.. can’t one person who could touch life within himself.. touch the hearts of so many without doing nothing to directly change/control them?

An example could be.. if you can embark on a project that you truly value and make it a reality in the best time for yourself.. lovingly.. in touch with life.. you would learn so much doing that about life.. and your kid could see you and be inspired to do something similar.. and learn so much about life in the process, too. And isn’t learning about life and being able to be happy while doing this the best education?

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