Seeing the Pandemic as Part of the Natural Flow of Life

by | Apr 9, 2020 | Blog Post

The pandemic and quarantine.. almost all of us want to do something and fix the situation. What can be more natural than this? Let’s do what we can in the natural flow of life.. what needs to be done will differ according to the location of the person. For some it will be aiding a patient, for some finding food for the next day, for some thinking about what to do.. This message is not interested in what you are doing.

Life has a natural flow. Donald Trump for example, won’t wake up tomorrow with the personality of Hillary Clinton. He will still be Donald Trump, but he will have tommorrow’s version of his personality; with whatever has changed within one day, and there may even occur deep changes.. But surely, there will be a residue of the past.. and it will surely a big one.. For the past to have suddenly no residue, one must be dead already.

Of course, people can also go into a process of rapid transformation.. but even the mechanics of that has its proper place within the natural flow of life.

So.. the pandemic will also have a natural flow. It won’t end in one day for example just because you posted smart messages and shared great posts in social media. The pandemic is a common experience all humanity is having. Just like Donald Trump’s case, other people won’t change in expression in an instant just like that.

Yet.. most of us are undergoing an intense experience. This is bound to speed up our awakening.

What I want to tell is.. awakening does not mean managing to control the natural flow of life in a personal way. So.. the experiences the world is presenting to us are not under our personal control. But.. what we will do with these experiences is under our control, if we learn exactly how this is.

If the reality of the world could potentially be under the control of any human being, it would be the case that a super human being would have already arisen already who could control all reality. Genghis Khan’s, Alexander the Great’s, Julius Caesar’s came and Aristotles.. Nietzches.. Einsteins went.. And many truly wise men, came and went too.. and even they weren’t in personal control of the entire reality of the world. (those truly wise weren’t even trying to be in control)

It isn’t the point. Being human isn’t controlling everything. But.. being human can mean having such inner control and awareness that.. whatever happens in the world.. that human can be in a state of complete peace and perfection of emotion. By perfection.. I mean.. being able to feel the perfection of the natural flow of life. And living life from this state.. the human being can fulfill their role in that flow as it comes from within their hearts.

For this, one must learn to look at it from beyond the personal experience. This means going beyond the state of consciousness where we are trying to change the natural flow of life from the personality we are identified with.. to the awareness of the awareness that contains this natural flow of life, and looking at life from the natural peace of this state.

Abrahamic teachings have within them the idea of surrendering to the Creator. A sincere being surrenders oneself to the Divine Will. They conduct their worship with this intention if this information is known by them. And this creates the possibility to bring them into the state where they can make peace with the natural flow of life and the state where they experience their freedom. This is the real meaning of the idea of surrender.

Eastern teachings too have many disciplines and practices that support becoming aware of and reaching this state of surrender. Every culture contain approaches, teachings specific to it. But from which level they had been created and how much consciously they are being practiced depends on the past and state of the present peoples of that culture.

This is like this: While running back and forth within an infinite maze and searching for a way out, and as a result of sincere effort and the willingness to see the truth, an awakening to the reality that the labryinth can be observed from outside/above/beyond itself can potentially occur. This is realizing that one is not the being running around in the labyrinth, but one is rather in the state of identification with this being, with the ideas constituting this being; this is becoming aware that all the labyrinth is a single unity and you are one with it.

This is becoming aware of the awareness. Of freedom. After this, we can start to learn to engage in the natural flow in a natural way. We can enhance the natural flow with pure Love and increase the flow of life. We can bring Love to the world.

I don’t want you to become aware of the Awareness in a forceful way. In a way that desires to escape from life. Then you may not wish to come back. But if you don’t want to come back while simultaneously choosing to be here, then you will trap yourself at the position of looking at the labryinth from beyond it, but closing your eyes to it.

The best is.. looking at life with a sense of trust, gradually making peace with it but also desiring to fully experience the truth of it, and thus learning to naturally be a witness to this flow, to be in the state of awareness. So.. take a deep breath while running around in the labryinth and trust your entire reality, trust life itself for this instant. Yes.. trust the pandemic also. Trust also the existence of people’s ignorance, and their attitutes that seems illogical to you. I am not telling you to trust their limited understanding. I am just saying.. stop fighting with the labryinth and stop thinking.. ‘What will happen to me?’ just for a few moments.. For this once.. accept that things are happening the way they are happening. And such a moment in time.. can give you the tip to become aware of the Awareness that I am talking about.. After all.. you are always this Awareness..

If you become aware of this.. you will be becoming aware of the original state of peace and freedom. And your experience after this will be shaped according to your choices as always. But this does not mean that the world will come under your personal control. And if you find it within you, you can give your Love to the world and start transforming the collective reality of the world towards the highest beauty.

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