When Should You Do Your First Meditation Session? In the Morning, Afternoon, Evening or Night. Why?

by | Sep 9, 2022 | Question & Answer

It is best to become meditative at the earliest possible time in the day. We practice in meditation sessions to strenghten this state in ourselves and then work to maintain this throughout the day. Unless any other activity is forcing us to deal with it, it is wisest to first practice meditation when starting the day. We can take care of hygiene activities or any other activity that is a necessity for ourselves and go into our meditation to create the best starting state for our day. If circumstances are really forcing you to start your day with another activity, then you can schedule your meditation session to a time afterwards beginning at the first opportunity.


With meditation, we train ourselves to stay focused on our true selves. We train ourselves to discover and live from our higher intelligence, with awareness, with the purest energy we can find within ourselves. Before the world claims us and draws us into the mind’s conditioning of a separate self, we claim our sovereignity as best as we are aware of how to. We discover our freedom and oneness with the world and focus on this as best as we can as the priority action. Then we arise from our meditation and do our best to maintain this. Without priming like this, without prioritizing this, or at least without engaging in our lives consciously in an equivalent way, our conditioning runs our lives by default and we are claimed by the conditioning of the world. We break the pattern of living from conditioning by practicing meditation and working to maintain the meditativeness that we discover in meditation.


We can also practice more later in the day when we get the chance. The more we can dedicate time to practice without causing any disharmony in our lives, the better. When our daily actions are finished or we come across a free time for ourselves, it is very beneficial to refocus as best as we can to our best possible state and keep strengthening this in our experience. Meditation before sleep, meditation when we wake up in the night.. there isn’t a better action than consciously bringing more and more of our true selves into our experience when we have free time on our hands. This heightened realization will be reflecting on our lives when we engage in the world and benefiting all life everywhere.


There is no race, no competition. You can begin small and just as much as you sincerely feel like practicing. This way, from your freedom you will have created a greater awakening for yourself, and you will have directly noticed its effects from the greatest awareness you can go into. This will evolve your understanding of enlightenment naturally, with direct experience. And this way, your desire for higher states will naturally increase, because your awareness of the greater possibilities will be increasing, with direct experience of their reflection in your life. It is all a natural process of unfoldment, beginning with your sincere application of yourself in it.

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