Experiencing High Energy

by | Aug 20, 2014 | Blog Post

I don’t have the time to write long this time, because I have been in front of the computer for the last 6 hours with small breaks. Last two days I have walked over 4 hours, carried weights around 10 kg over long distances, worked long hours in front of the computer with heightened focus.

All these I think I owe to the energy I have cultivated through meditation and healthy eating and exercising in nature. I feel energetic right now even though I have worked the whole day. The secret: Spiritual Heart meditation, pure intention (the desire to go towards God, the desire to experience unconditional love all the time and to help others (it comes with feeling love naturally), healthy eating to purify the body to be able to store more prana and exercise in nature also strengthens the body using this prana and food.

Great. I am off now.

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