How Not to Earn Money From a Job and Still Be Happy, and Survive

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Well, you gotta get money from somewhere. If you spend it, you need to get it from some source. But it doesn’t mean you have to earn it.

Money is something that most humans living in the civilized world think is valuable. Take your wallet full of money and take it to secluded tribal people, just get stranded with them, and see what you will get for your money. It won’t mean anything to them. But maybe they will accommodate you. Maybe they will help you survive. Give you a little bit of food or something. Would such a life make you unhappy?

See, to survive, the important prerequisite is to survive. It doesn’t matter how you do it. But are we looking only to survive as human beings? Well, when I observe humanity, I can clearly tell this is not the case. If the reality was that that our highest ideal was to survive, we would have developed optimized living conditions that ensured we would die as late as possible, and not care about other aspects of life such as growing, sharing, adventures, exploration, risk taking, wars of aggression, art etc etc.. I can imagine labs that feed you optimized nourishment, controlled temperatures, light etc.. and people living to be 300 waiting it out in those sterile conditions. I don’t see them, yet some may create such places in the future perhaps, but currently it seems, we humans definitely value other things in addition to survival.

My point in this article is that as long as you can be happy, genuinely happy, happy even in the face of impending death, survival won’t matter to you and if you find a way to survive that is acceptable to you, that you like, it won’t matter whether you earn money from a job or not.

You could even beg and be happy. It doesn’t in truth matter what you do in appearance. It matters what actually you are doing, mentally, emotionally and physically, and how it is affecting the world. In terms of how it is affecting the world.

So, how to not earn money from a job, still be happy and survive?

First, learn to be happy regardless of circumstances. The happiness I am talking about is an unconditional happiness. You can say that it is the experience of unconditional love manifesting as happiness. Now, how the hell are we supposed to feel happy if things are not going as we want them to go?

That is exactly what I am talking about. To reach the experience I am talking about, you need to learn to rewire your mental programming so that you can tap into happiness just by willing to do so, just by changing your focus no matter what is going on outside your control. This is a deep topic that I need to talk more upon. And this blog is all about that and more. But for the topic of this post: You need to be happy unconditionally, independent of circumstances.

That is the first requirement to survive and be happy without earning money from a job.

The second requirement is to survive. Meet your needs using money or not. If you use money you need a form of income. Be open to any form of income other than working. I am currently accepting my family’s help for income. And I am spending my time sharing love with people, feeding and rescuing pets. I am doing some translation work in the side, and I am about to earn money from that, and I am really good with English. But I am postponing earning money because if I earned even a bit I will have to pay a good amount of money to sustain a running business. And it is all seeming wasteful to me to give any money to a government that wastes the money into unproductive social security systems, corruption, mandatory social security, mandatory accounting systems, monthly fees.

I will soon be able to earn money to sustain a running business and those costs, but I am still postponing it to the last moment to earn money this way. Because I don’t want my energy to go into this unproductive restrictive system. I would rather spend my energy feeding pets in nature, sharing love with people, trying to uplift them by feeling unconditional love next to them, with them. I have started to give free life coaching sessions too. I may accept donations later on but I am saying.. it doesn’t matter how much money I am earning right now. I am surviving, and I am trusting the universe to keep me afloat as long as it is good for me and others.

So, the second requirement is trusting the universe to send you income in anyway it does. This includes temporary jobs you may take, and even winning the lottery, begging or taking money from your family. Or donations from people. It doesn’t matter how the income comes, it matters that if you are spending money, you need an income that can match your spending, and that is all that matters for the purpose of the goal we are trying to fulfill in this article.

So to achieve the purpose stated in the title:

1) Learn to be happy/peaceful regardless of circumstances. (Note: I used the word peaceful because the feeling of unconditional love when you are getting more aware of it, accompanies peace sensations along with happiness. The level of happiness in the living state can increase with your attunement to unconditional love and the health of your mental/emotional/physical body but even if they are not healthy you can feel peaceful, have a relatively silent mind, or even a totally silent mind is possible, which I have not achieved yet)

2) Trust the universe to provide you the income you need.

Now as a 3rd option, you can try to set up a life that is less requiring an income, because you spend less money. Like an off the grid house and farming your food from the land, or becoming a breatharian and requiring little food. These all will reduce your spending but focusing on reducing your spending may not as effective as trusting the universe to provide you the income you need. The reason for this is, while you are focusing on reducing your spending, you may be acting from a place of mistrust on the universe, fearing unconsciously that you will not get exactly the income you need for all your needs, all the time. Or basically, you can trust the universe not placing a constraint upon it even in terms of income/spending balance, but to provide you the experiences that you need. So let me revise the second item as the following:

2) Trust the universe to provide you the experiences that you need.

But this revision implies that you may not survive if when you trust the universe to provide you the experience you need, and the universe provides you with death, and that is actually what is best needed by you. So, see? Even if we are attached to a modest goal such as happily surviving without necessarily earning money from a job, this still may not be what we actually need, or the best for us.

Let me explain. If you get attached to survival, you may resist a glorious, highly beneficial path of life that would immensely benefit the growth of your Soul and the beings on this planet and the universe, but should end with you dying, say at the age of 40. You may try the 3rd strategy trying to reduce your spending, live off grid, need little money hence income , survive a modest existence, but limit the growth of your Soul.

So. Basically, I would myself not set a goal of not earning money from a job, still be happy and survive.

I would rather set a goal something like this:

Learn to be happy/peaceful regardless of circumstances, trusting the universe to provide me with whatever experiences I need, satisfying all my needs, and making me survive if my survival is for the good of everyone including myself.

I love this life and I want to live a life discovering more and more happiness and going deeper and deeper into love and share it with others. So, I feel my survival is good for now for everyone. But the universe, the Higher Self knows what is the highest good for me. So, not denying how I feel, I note to make it a priority to trust the universe to give me the best experiences that I need.

Post update the same evening:

I want to expand on this topic, and talk more about happiness. You know, at my current level, I am talking about the ability to feel and stay peaceful even in circumstances that can be undesirable for most of the people in this planet. Like losing your job, many people not approving what you do, not earning money, not being healthy, having addictions, having low energy, not being in control of your life … In my experience happiness is based on a peaceful state of mind, then when you can just expand on this basic state, by removing obstacles in your mind/body/emotions, your happiness increases. But basically, this peace can be independent of the circumstances. And now how to attain this peaceful state/expanding happiness? I intend to write on this, examine it from different aspects.. So, check here later, or stay tuned. 🙂

Another update the next day:

I want to talk more about trusting the universe. What is trust? Why trust the universe? Levels of trust that can be achieved. The readers may wonder these two questions after reading the article, which are How to be happy/peaceful regardless of circumstances and how to trust the universe to provide exactly the experiences we need. See, the purpose of me writing these articles is not just to inform you, but help you discover the core of it all. You may just stop reading this blog forever right now and you can discover all the answers you need by yourself. Or you can watch me write more articles, and accompany me while I try to shed some local light on such age old questions, which have been already lit at many places, and why not once again here in our minds? 🙂 And I sense that it will probably be a unique lighting operation, 🙂

Final update (hopefully 🙂 ) :

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