How to Solve ALL Your Problems

by | Mar 20, 2016 | Article

This is the third time I start writing this article. I discarded the two previous starts, first was getting too analytical and in the second one I started to write at a friend’s house and he interrupted me to express himself and I allowed him.

Every moment I am a new person, so why not start writing from scratch again?

Why am I writing this article? Are problems negative things? Should we get rid of our problems?

My purpose for this article is to help you remove the suffering aspect from your creative process. A problem within the context of this article is an occurrence within your mind, a state of perceived negativity that you are trying to resolve. A state of incompleteness within yourself, a state where you are seeking to complete yourself while feeling incomplete.

I am not trying to forcefully remove this state of incompleteness from you.

My goal is to help you find a state from where you can create while feeling complete, a state in which you mold your experience while both beyond your experience and in it.

Let’s give an example.

John is trying to pass his graduation exam. He sees his current state of not having graduated yet as a state of incompleteness. He is anxious about life, he is trying to remove his anxiety thinking that when he graduates, he will feel complete. He has a problem within his mind until he graduates.

John graduates, and feels happy for a brief period of time. Then, he starts to feel anxious again. This time he feels he needs to get a job to be happy. The problem he is trying to solve becomes getting a job.

There is nothing wrong with John. John is doing John. He is trying to fulfill his desires, desires that are based on a feeling of incompleteness and strategies to cope with this incompleteness, predictions that depict a reality that John feels complete after a goal or some goals in his life are accomplished.

The above is a simplified example of a mind that is trying to solve problems. Have a look within your mind. Do you feel you have problems of your own? Be aware of what is presented to you by your mind. And let’s continue on.

Now, how can John solve ALL his problems?

Let’s answer this question first: Can John feel totally complete without doing anything at all? Can you? Ask yourself.. really intend to find the answer within yourself.. Examine your mind, if it is a mind that has problems like John. Can you feel complete even if your desires are not fulfilled? Note which answers you give to yourself.

What I will propose is that, it is possible to transcend the state of the mind where there are problems. You can feel complete, and perfectly OK, with a silent mind. In this state, you become the creator of your life. There are no problems, there is just the experience of your life, being shaped by you, as if a sculptor is shaping a soft clay into the sculpture he desires, moment to moment.

Now, you have always been this sculptor. The catch is, your awareness of being this sculptor has not always been perfect in your experience. Perhaps in your life, you have never felt totally as a creative being. Perhaps you have felt that life and your circumstances were external to you, they were shaping you rather than you were shaping them.

Great. However you have felt, this article is not here to say that anything has been wrong with you, or you were less than perfect. It is here to present a possibility to you, whether you are aware of it or not right now.

This is the possibility to discover yourself as a creative being.

My experience is, I am a sculptor who is realizing that he is a sculptor. I am a creative being who is realizing that I am a creative being. While this is happening, I am going back and forth between two states, the state of the mind with problems or the state where mind has desires to feel complete and the state where I feel as the creator of my life. The conscious being.

How have I obtained this level of mastery? I will call this level a partially realized creative being. Partially realized, because I am not always at the state where I am consciously creating my life. My awareness of life is limited, my awareness of the depth of my being is limited. Yet, I have a degree of awareness from which I can express this article to you.

I am writing this article to share Love with you, as this partially realized being.

Let’s push on.

How have I achieved this state of partial realization? I always wanted to discover my potential, realize my potential. I believed that humans had a potential to uncover. So I did whatever possibilities presented themselves to me within my experience to develop myself. I read, exercised, studied, contemplated, experienced my thoughts, emotions and body in many many ways. I experienced the human being that I am in this life. I did what I could to follow my heart, when I started to become aware that following one’s heart is very important. I got lost in my thoughts, my thought box that I found myself in as I became more and more  aware of my human self.

I was supported by others throughout my life, and I helped others when I could. I was selfish at times, lost in my own problems. I got lost in deeply chaotic times too, but the desire to discover my self, find my purpose, find God/Truth was there, sometimes very clear, sometimes buried under a veil of emotions, thoughts and physical stimuli that occupied my awareness.

So do what you will do with your free will to discover truth. I could continue with techniques to find yourself, but more important than all techniques is your more or less continued desire (could be called dedication) and focus. It does not matter that you learn deeper truths from me or somebody else or all by yourself. Therefore I am stopping here after I write a few more lines.

Can you cultivate a trust that you can do it? That you can find deepest truths by your sincere effort? Are you not feeling sincere enough? Can you start lighting a small fire within yourself, cultivating a desire within yourself to build that sincerity? Now discard all I have said for a moment. Can you Love yourself as you are? Yes yes. Please discard all that I have said for a few more moments. Let’s start from scratch again.

Remember, this article is about solving ALL your problems. Can you just keep Loving yourself so that no matter what happens, you can feel complete?

Yes. I am going to push the boundaries of your mental programming, I am going to shake it. This is my goal. But of course, it is you who is choosing to engage with me. I don’t have power over you, yet I am reaching out to you, so that you become more aware that you can reach within your heart.

Words words.. Words don’t have power unless you empower them. Empower my words! That is why I can discard them and start from scratch every time! The power is beyond words, it is within you, within me. The power is the sculptor, that is the real YOU. When you have sufficiently found the real YOU, you will understand that ALL your problems can be solved; they will cease to look as problems to you, because you will have become the creator of your life in your experience. A creator has no problems with their creation when they have truly realized their creative power. A creation is theirs to shape, so is there a space left for any problems unless that is specifically what they wish to create?

It is up to you to awaken yourself. This article is a glimpse of this state for you. You can go your own way and pierce down to the truth. You are free. This article is a creation. How can a creation by itself teach the creative being its true nature? The creative being needs to create this experience. It is all within you.

Much Love.

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