You Are Free

by | Feb 26, 2016 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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If you had everything you wanted and infinite time, what would you create?

I just came up with this question, but like everyone else, I have asked myself many times what should I do in life. I have been asking myself this question for years… God, why did I come to this world?

In my opinion, trying to find out what to do in life by thinking that you are a personality in a body that occupies a spot in the universe in your mind has been a problem that people have been banging their heads over for centuries, and have often eaten.

I’ve been saying for years that I should follow my heart. I don’t know where I learned that. There was Braveheart. William Wallace’s father was saying “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it”. “Your heart is free, have the courage to follow it.”

I’ve come to a point in my life where I feel this freedom within me. Not all the time, but if I focus, after a while I start to feel more and more free. I’m not trying to control my life with my mind, but the patterns in my mind from the past are still affecting my life.

Bruce Lee had a saying. Words like that come to mind when I write this article, where I don’t really plan in advance what I am going to write. I will not write the full sentence, just a small part of it. Let’s translate it as “Be Formless”, that is, Be Bodyless… Or Be Beyond Body. I’m writing this article at a late hour, my energy is not bad but I’m a little tired.

What am I trying to do? I want to talk about this state, the beyond body state. I want to talk about this state of freedom in this article, which I titled “You are free.” Right here the sentence “Tassavvuf (Turkish word that comes from Arabic with its roots associated with people who are dedicated/devoted to living with truth) is a state” came to my mind, but I looked it up and will translate it is as follows:

“Tasavvuf hal ilmidir, kal ilmi değil.”

“Tasavvuf is the science of state/being, not the science of speech/word.”

I don’t know who said it. It doesn’t matter. He says it is the knowledge of being, it is a state. Let’s see what Kal is: I found a link that says, “Madrasa science.” meaning it is a taught, intellectual science, a science of the word.

I am trying to share something in a natural way in this article. Something I feel inside. A state. That’s why I don’t care about encyclopedic knowledge and details.

But also for this reason I share the words of people from different cultures. They are all talking about the same thing. They express it with the vocabulary of their own culture, as much as they can.

The more I can capture that state of freedom, the more I will be able to convey that energy to you, no more or less.

Gurus, spiritual teachers or masters, used to, and do, try to teach their students their inner states through various teachings. The disciple follows the teaching given by the master to find the level that the master has reached within himself and finds the inner state that he points to. This is a state that already exists, nobody can give it to anybody, because it already exists. In order for the disciple to realize this, the master gives a teaching that is in harmony with his dream.

You know the discussions about democracy… this is what I would say… one can never feel free unless one finds freedom within oneself… no system can make one feel free, one can only feel it if one finds the state of freedom within oneself. So nothing outside can actually give you that.

So why the teaching given by the master? Because the entity wants the disciple to wake up with that teaching. Otherwise it could have been another teaching.

But teachings also have an essence. The essence of all teachings should be the same, so that they can carry you to the essence. All religions are essentially the same. They cannot be separate.

Everything is one in essence. The whole creation is one in essence. It comes from the essence, it returns to the essence. It exists as one with the essence.

How you should read this article is up to you, but if you want to understand what I am saying, read it with the intention of really knowing yourself. Read it with the intention to understand what freedom is. That desire is already there in all beings, you can find that desire within you.

Rumi wrote the Masnavi, it is a heavy book, if you hit your head it will break your head. He could have written 1000 more. Or he could have not spoken at all, as some masters do.

I am talking about something that cannot be conveyed in words, but all the effort is for you to find it.

In the last months I have been silent on the blog, because I entered a period in my life when I felt this state of freedom most clearly, but I was gradually realizing that no one can give it to me, but I can only deepen it myself. So silence and speaking started to seem not so different to me.

But now I’m talking.

The method I use is to focus on the center of my chest, and stay in a state of awareness. I’ve blogged about it before. I focus on the essence, I focus on the Spiritual Heart, which is the center where Divine Love flows to us. So I focus on this love without trying to change anything, no matter what happens, everything happens by itself.

I go back and forth between the state that is identified with my personality and the state of awareness that is infinite, that encompasses the whole being. I cannot yet feel this state of awareness as infinite, but I can feel that it is a state beyond everything I experience. I can experience this state while everything is happening in my life if I focus on it.

This is the state of freedom, because when you feel this state, you also feel that it is independent of everything that is happening. But depending on the sharpness of your focus, the depth of your focus, the activity of your mind becomes so calm or so active. I have not yet been able to completely stop the activity of my mind for a long time, I can daydream while focusing deeply. But even this is a more alert state than the current everyday consciousness (where no effort is made to stay conscious, where people live automatically, in a state of letting go). If I sharpen my focus in this state of awareness, my mind is much calmer.

This state of mental calmness is the state of freedom. Because if you can stay in this state, and the more effort you put into staying in this state, the more your ability to stay in this state, your depth perception, your level of serenity increases, even if there is chaos around you, you can still feel this state of freedom.

This is your original state. This is the state of Ene’l-Haqq. The state where you realize that you are one with God. Everyone has it, can experience it if they want to. But to focus beyond mental activities, to focus on God, on the Self, you have to make the effort. Why, because you have been giving energy to the opposite side for so long that you have forgotten this original state. This is what happened in the story of Adam coming out of Eden.

You are free because God is free.

I was going to finish, but I’ll add this. No matter what you do, you will always be free. Even if you experience that this is not the case, you will still be free. No matter what happens in your life, it will never leave you.

Remember that one day if you think you are going through the most difficult time. No matter what has happened, no matter what is happening, no matter what will happen. You are free. Forever and ever.

Don’t just remember it, feel it in your bones. Go beyond the marrow. Be beyond the body.

Note: During this interval that I did not write, there were periods when I felt more under the influence of the ego than ever before. I was able to get out of these moments by focusing on the Self with all my strength and staying in a state of awareness. If you maintain your focus, if you do your best to focus strongly, after a while you start to be able to stay beyond the ego, deeper and deeper. The ego starts to lose its influence. This can be expressed in other words as surrendering to the Self. If you let go of this focus, to put it more clearly, if you let go of the effort to stay awake, to stay conscious, to stay in a state of awareness, your ego starts to become active again. Because you start focusing on the surface, the mind starts looking for love again, because you start not focusing on love. But this is normal in the process of awakening. So I am not writing to fight with yourself because of this. The more determined you are to focus, that is, the stronger and more continuous your focus moment by moment, the more you wake up to your true being.

But waking up doesn’t have to be a duty, it doesn’t have to be a burden. You are free. Even to wake up and not to wake up. This is the unconditional love of God. If God wills it, in the conditions he is in, he wakes up from the consciousness of being that he has created and identified with, that thinks he is separate. If He doesn’t want to, He doesn’t wake up. God creates everything. I think this is what is meant by man being created in the image of God. If you don’t wake up, I was going to write that it is not the end of the world, but you will realize that human beings have destroyed the world. This is also possible. Even if the world is destroyed, you will still continue to exist. Free. Then what do you really want to happen?


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