How do I overcome doubt?

by | Mar 31, 2017 | Question & Answer

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I think that I’m not good enough to study my dream course. In high school I always thought I was going to fail but I ended up with somewhat decent marks my friends say.

Doubts are on the more surface level of our minds. On the depth of ourselves is unconditional love and the awareness that we are. Doubts are temporary but unconditional love and the awareness are permanent. As we find out that we can always access the unconditional love within us if we really focus on it, and that we are always the awareness, the feelings that we are not good enough will be removed (throughout a healing and awakening process)

This is not just the learning of conceptual information but an emotional/mental and deeper awakening process. There exists an excellent resource (link provided below) for step by step guidance for discovering this state of awareness and the energy of unconditional love within ourselves and creating experiences from this. You can use this resource to both gain a comprehensive conceptual information and learn practices that will accelerate your growth through highly wise and enlightened guidance.

What is most important is that you are willing to work on yourself to create the experiences that this resource guides you towards. It guides you to the experience you seek, the removal of the feeling of ‘I am not good enough’ by genuinely discovering your true nature, the only thing that can overcome all doubts. It is not make believe affirmation stuff, but truly experiencing change by experiencing truth.

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