There are certain things in my past that I am not proud of, to put it lightly. How do I get over these things?

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The events of the past can not be changed. But we can acquire the wisdom to forgive ourselves.

Eventually every ‘mistake’ we make is due to lack of awareness and directing our creative energy to create our mistakes due to the lack of this awareness. We have subconscious parts that are influencing how we create our reality, and they may not be in harmony with what we consciously desire and as we bring our awareness to these parts of ourselves, we become more wise and we can better create the lives we truly desire with this wisdom, this increased understanding.

We are supposed to not know everything about life – life is a journey of discovery – and we are supposed to grow through our mistakes and experiences.

How can we forgive ourselves for our past mistakes? By being accepting of ourselves in the present moment, by being unconditionally loving of ourselves in the present moment, we can observe ourselves as we are, and this increases our understanding about ourselves. As our understanding develops, we see that we made these mistakes while we were not fully conscious of what we were doing, of all the mental/emotional/physical aspects of ourselves related to this behavior/action. A healing happens within us, where we become aware of these aspects, where love flows into the related parts within ourselves. This is called forgiveness. Then, the burden of those events are lifted from us, because we have learned what we needed to learn and that part of us is awakened, and now the same pattern will not be repeated as it was. This can take different lengths of time depending on how much we are focusing on truly forgiving ourselves and growing.

Forgiveness is possible because in our depths there is a flow of unconditional love coming into us that is the basis of all reality. There is a process of universal awakening and expansion where we are playing our parts in this lifetime. All ignorance is forgivable, because for awakening to be unfolding, there has to be ignorance as a beginning condition. The practice of forgiveness, of living life from a place of unconditional love and a state of awareness is greatly freeing, because it is the process of making conscious the automatic subconscious patterns. What we don’t know within ourselves, what we are not aware of within ourselves operates outside our influence, and we continue to be affected by it.

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