How do I stop comparing myself with people in terms of study?

by | Apr 19, 2017 | Question & Answer

The only way to completely quiet the mind is to feel unconditional love all the time.

The comparison thoughts that you are witnessing in your mind are a symptom of your conditioning which says you can only feel Love if you fulfill certain conditions. This is illusory/a distortion/a kind of falsehood. We can feel Love all the time. Go to the bottom of this by discovering the Love within yourself (First it will seem within, but actually it is your true nature). As you do this, you will discover that peace will be created in the mind, the stream of judgments will quiet down.

This is discovering your true self, a fundamental solution to all problems in the mind.

This requires turning your attention to the Source of everything, and working to bring your attention there when it wanders. The more you do this, the more you will discover the unconditional love within, and the more peace will be created in your mind.

Your mind compares because it was conditioned to believe that one deserves Love only under certain conditions. It sees some of these conditions in others and not in you. Naturally, in a constantly changing reality, one cannot remain constantly fulfilling a certain number of conditions. It is inevitable that conditional love (a conditioned mind seeking conditional love) will create disappointment and mental yearning. So life becomes a hazard course.. where changing conditions can steal your happiness and you constantly try to avoid this or that hazard. Transcend these conditions by discovering your true self. And all questions arising from the same core illusion will be resolved.

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