How do I become good at something, and how can I find out what that something is?

by | Apr 27, 2017 | Question & Answer

Ultimately, you can become good at anything, you can become anything. The entire universe is YOU. You can create any experience. The catch is, you don’t believe it right now. You believe yourself to be a limited person. Which is OK.

Be totally honest with yourself and keep this honesty. Contemplate on your life and determine areas where you desire to progress. From the smallest tasks to the larger picture, consciously work on your life mentally, emotionally, physically as if you are working on a masterpiece painting. Mistakes are allowed. You are learning how to paint. Do not worry about having made or making mistakes. The point is discovering you are the painter, it is not to create a masterpiece the first time you paint. The more you discover who you really are, the more you will understand that you are the painter, and that ultimately you can paint anything. You have unlimited time. Even if you die, you can continue in another life from where you left off. This entire universe is your creation. So take care how you affect it in this life, because you will continue from where you left off.

Live diligently, know that unconditional love is available from the Source all the time, and keep creating. All that you experience will bring you wisdom. Be aware and keep expanding. Your potential is unlimited. You are one with God. You will become aware of what is limiting you as you progress. Look, be aware.. this will lead to understanding. Once you truly understand, you can let go of the limitation.

Truly desire to know yourself, focus on this. This desire and focus will begin to change your mind as your creative energy is directed towards this purpose. Remember, literally you have unlimited potential. Including the ability to doubt yourself and severely limit yourself and experience yourself in these limitations.

When asking ‘how’, is this ‘how’ representing your doubts? Is it a ‘doubtful how’? Then you will progress slowly. The more you keep believing the doubts, the more they will delay you.

When asking how, can you truly focus on your depth, to really have faith? Is this ‘how’ a ‘faithful how’? The less you give your energy to the doubts, the less they will affect you and the more they will lose their momentum. Then you will progress quickly.

The more sincerely you desire the answers and bring your attention towards where this desire is pointing to, the more quickly you will reach the related understanding. There will be mental/emotional/physical activity when creating but there also needs to be inward focusing to the peaceful depths for discovering your true self.

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