How does a youngster become successful?

by | Mar 17, 2017 | Question & Answer

Your definition of success will evolve over time. That being said:

The less you empower your doubts about success and the more you stay true, the more your success will unfold in your life.

Stay true? What does this mean? A part of you knows this beyond explanation, beyond definition.

While you are staying true, you will discover yourself awakening from many illusions about life that you were taught to be true. These are why you aren’t feeling perfectly successful, experiencing a perfect success right now anyway. We all have them. And we all awaken gradually from them. Finding success is a journey of awakening.

Some will say follow your heart, some will say follow your inner guidance. Yes, discover more and more that part within you that guides you by staying true to yourself. And live your life while you are on the journey of this discovery.

We all desire to experience happiness. Find your happiness directly rather than getting stuck with other people’s definition of happiness, even your definition of happiness has been heavily influenced by others in the world as you grew up. What if those definitions we learned are not exactly accurate (coming out of a limited understanding) about what really is? Then there will be a conflict within us. Much of the time, most of the people we interact with have yet limited understanding about reality. So, we must be mindful of this, and strive to increase our understanding about life to go beyond these limitations. These also become the limitations we unknowingly place on our happiness and success.

Strive to find more Love within your life, create more experiences of Love in your life. Strive to expand your awareness into all aspects of life and you will gain more wisdom about everything. Stay true to your self while doing this. These are all interconnected.

Success is our destiny, because life is not something random. That is why you are seeking it, and that is why you are bound to find it more and more. Discover this through your personal experience, with your own free will. Only you can delay your success, and only you can achieve it, it is a personal inner experience that is achieved while interacting with the world. Your success is your responsibility, and other people’s success is theirs. You can support them but you can’t make them successful. You can be supported but no one can make you successful.

Have a great life!

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