How can I prevent myself from using mobile constantly and follow my dream?

by | Mar 16, 2017 | Question & Answer

I admit I am working on this too, but I feel I have made some progress.

‘Mobile’ allows us to mentally browse through a huge amount of experiences in the world. Because through mobile (videos/audio/text) you can access a mental stream of information about the experiences in the world.

In these experiences we see people going through a lot of emotions, but we are unconsciously driven to watch them because our mind is seeking to find happiness and believes happiness is out there somewhere.

When we really consciously look at it, we are just browsing through a stream of information, how is it supposed to make us happy? But usually we are not this conscious. It requires an evolved level of consciousness which is centered into the flow of Love coming into the human system to recognize it is not things or experiences in the world that are the real source of happiness, but the Love itself is what is giving the happiness to us.

When people are not yet aware and directly be able to focus on this Love, they will have dreams that will depict the experience of this Love in their own mental vocabulary (images/memories/emotions/sounds), and they will want to reach these dreams.

However, reality is such that, there is a mental/emotional/physical sea and flow of energy that is the entirety of life, which is behaving as a whole. If we are not grounded in this reality enough, our dreams will be just projections, fantasies, arising from our unhappiness and the desire to find happiness.

To prevent a disease, it is rather impossible to just stop the disease when we act when we are already sick. Our actions won’t be wasted, but they can only prevent future disease, the current momentum of the current disease must play itself out.

To prevent future disease we must start to live with a health focus right now, allow our current disease to heal in its due course, watching it and learning from it intelligently meanwhile. As we take our lessons and our understanding increases, we will learn to live more and more healthily. When we start to eat healthy when we are sick, we are building up a healthy energy within ourselves that will be used for both healing ourselves and to not create any future disease.

Likewise, to prevent ourselves from using mobile constantly, we must learn to fulfill ourselves in every moment from within ourselves, which is learning to be happy with our internal energy and express from this place rather than seeking to fulfill us with any object (mental/emotional/physical form) from the world.

I will suggest you to live your life as fully as you can. Be conscious. Be aware. Check out these answers as well to learn how to do that:

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When we are centered on the flow of Love coming from within us, our mind will start to be fulfilled from within. As we start to feel more and more fulfilled in the mind, we will see that we are not desiring to fulfill ourselves from the world as much as we used to. While doing this, our past habits will run their courses, just as an already existing disease has to take its due course to heal. We will need to be vigilant (stay as awareness) while this Love is fulfilling us to take our lessons about how our energy was already being unconsciously spent on these activities. And our experience of this Love will teach us that it is already fulfilling us, and such activities are not needed to fulfill us if we remain centered on this Love.

So, a new life will begin to be created which we are being fulfilled from within. Old habits of external fulfillment will leave their place to moment to moment living as awareness while experiencing greater and greater Love. A healing process will be occurring in our lives, as we gradually gain understanding and wisdom about the mechanics of our mind.

So, focus on this Love and stay as awareness as much as you can during all your life, even when you find yourself going for mobile or browsing the mobile. In time you will grow through this habit, not through self denial, but through self love and genuine growth.

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