The System That Will Give Us Happiness

by | Jan 17, 2017 | Article (Translated From Turkish)

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Sometimes I want to write such articles. The subject comes to my mind and I want to write it immediately.

Mankind has always been on a quest. Throughout the ages, various tribes and civilizations have transformed into various systems of governance and have come to the present day.

Peoples have existed in many systems of governance that have contradictions and similarities with each other.

I think we have all asked this question in one way or another… I think we have all said in one way or another… what will happen to us, how will we be happy, what should I do, how will this system be fixed, how will world peace come?

I have been contemplating on a life counseling practice for quite some time now. Why, I guess it’s a kind of desire to seek your own happiness and to pass it on to others… I mean you want to teach, but you actually want to learn yourself.

All my experiences so far have brought me to the understanding that no matter what system you come from, it is possible to find happiness within yourself, rather than finding a system that says this system makes you happy.

This sounds like a cliché, so let me give an example right away.

You (i.e. us) are experiencing the current human state as a result of a local arrangement of atoms in the universe or a local shaping of energy… At least that’s what it looks like, right?

What you see in your position is unique to you, no one else sees exactly what you see. For example, when you have to pee, you have to do it. You have to do what is right for you at that moment, rather than what someone else thinks, what someone else is going through.

Or when you have emotional distress, you have to find the reason for it within yourself. And someone else has to find the reason for it within themselves.

If your finger hurts, for you it may be because you accidentally hit it with a hammer, but for someone else it may be because you touched it to the stove. The solution is individual.

Happiness is also like that. What is necessary for your happiness at that moment can be achieved by doing what is necessary from your perspective, from your point of view.

People try to establish a fixed system with their limited mental capacities, a system that serves the needs of people in a certain age, that makes them happier, but when the age changes, when the meanings in the mind change, when the nature of the problems change, when the depth of the problems change, the same system may even start to hinder people.

So is there not a system that can make us happy?

The answer to this question is… with a state of being beyond the system, one can attain eternal happiness.

What I mean by system is the way of living determined by the patterns in the mind for people living in the mind. At that moment those people already have a way of thinking, and for those people a teaching, a system of thinking, if they choose to follow it, can lead them to find happiness within themselves or to feel better, deeper.

So how can we produce such a system in every situation? How can we create a system that will work in every situation and lead us to happiness?

This is where we need to realize that happiness comes from beyond the system, from beyond our mind, and focus on that, and as a result of that focus, gradually realize that this is so, and live in that state of awareness. We can call this the system at the core of systems that aim for happiness. It’s based on a simple truth. Happiness comes from our essence, creation does not give it to us, a created system is not, cannot be, the real, absolute source of happiness. Even if eating an apple fills our stomachs, if we cannot access the energy at the core of that apple, our stomachs will never be full. Some people, no matter how much they eat, there is always a hunger, some people, once they discover how, can physically live for a very long time with little or no food.

Contemplate on it, think deeply within yourself, feel deeply. Is it what you get from the world that makes you happy, or do you feel the happiness within yourself when you get that thing. Why is it that one person is happy doing one thing and another person is happy doing another thing? Is it the activity that makes you happy, or is it the inner experience of happiness while doing that activity?

One alternative is to wait for someone to bring a system that will make us happy, another alternative is to take responsibility for our lives and find unconditional happiness in our essence by overcoming systems, no matter what the circumstances.

I’ve been trying to find and create a system for years, and in fact part of this website is a work on that, but whatever the system is, it’s just a finger pointing to the truth or a teaching, the important thing is to find the energy of bliss that already exists, but which flows into existence from beyond existence, merges with it, moves with it, stands in it, hidden for some, obvious for others, and which is more real than all this, which is one with it. The teaching may be there, but if the learner does not learn it, it is nothing. This is because the learner contains the secret itself.

The learner… i.e. pure awareness… the learner… i.e. the energy of love that is all-encompassing and one with everything in it. The learner is YOU.

Note: Systems or teachings can be instrumental in bringing us to happiness, but they have no power of their own. Power is given to them from their true source. We can also use our own energy to find happiness through a system that suits us. But this article was written to point out the truth of the matter. I wanted to point out the fact that as the system achieves its purpose, the need for it will disappear, and I wanted to facilitate an awareness that you can reach within yourself about why systems exist.

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