How do I deal with anxiety or panic attack after making mistakes at work even though it’s only small or even the smallest mistake?

by | Sep 18, 2019 | Question & Answer

It is only your mind that is creating these feelings. Learn meditation and meditate until you begin to see the perfection of everything. Stay meditative throughout the day, and by and by you will transcend these thoughts and the feelings resulting from them. One can’t deceive one’s mind, either you are experiencing this perfection or not.. When not, we are suffering, from small and big ‘things’. Therefore, instead of fighting with the mind, learn to become aware of the perfection that already exists.

There will be many advice that tell you to think differently, feel differently etc. But without changing your core experience, how you experience life, to become aligned with what it truly is, to become surrendered to what it truly is, to become friends with it, how will you change the suffering for good?

What I am suggesting is a permanent solution to the ‘problem’.

You are Perfect. A Higher Self Teaching.

It is up to your choice to really go into the depth of this profound teaching. I am sure that doing this will help you with your anxiety and panic attacks. Some inner awakening and purification will be needed and it can take some time. None of it needs to be forcefully done. Just open your heart, open your awareness, trust and it will happen quicker. The form of this answer is just a suggestion. You don’t have to go from this particular path.

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