If some yogis claim to have seen God after enlightenment, then why don’t they show some proof to the ignorant minds of the world? We only read stories, even about the recent greats such as Swami Vivekananda, but there are no evidences. Why?

by | Dec 22, 2019 | Question & Answer

Because, YOU are God. Unless you truly want to know yourself, you won’t know yourself. God is everything. It is ignorance to look for isolated evidence, because wherever you look is God. There is also a formless aspect of God. This is also you. This is the container of all forms ever existing anywhere, anytime, any reality. Now, how can you show an evidence for that? It can only be known by you, should you choose to truly know this. The whole point of the practices is to turn your attention back to your true self. This infinite self. Teachings and practices exist, because people are living in almost complete habit of focusing on a very very narrow part of the whole of existence. All the talks, all the meditation, all of this is to make you realize as God that you are God within a dream that you have created and temporarily forgotten that you are God in it. The thing is, we have invested so much energy to a separate sense of self and we are so used to living identified with this that, usually realization doesn’t happen in an instant. We practice to let go of all our attachment with this separate sense of self, because earnestly, we don’t want to let go of it completely all at once out of fear. I know we can theoretically bear any intensity and speed of awakening, but in this world, most people don’t go for a high intensity awakening, they are not even aware of it in their current state, and thus is the state of humanity. This doesn’t mean that it can’t happen most quickly in a very short period of time. So, what will you choose, as God? Yogis or practitioners or any person sometimes touch this state of realization, but to be in this all the time and with full depth, is another stage. I can say that you can touch this state of realization if you sincerely want to know God, to know yourself. But first, prepare yourself, make it clear to yourself that you are truly leaving behind the separate sense of self and you will be responsible to learn to keep your balance in your newly expanding awareness. Don’t forget: you are always responsible for your reality. Don’t go into this as if you are going after a passing desire, like following the latest fashion. See the sincere desire of awakening in your heart, which is always there and keep honoring it in this path. I feel this way your experience of awakening will be a balanced experience. And all the evidence you seek will happen to you as the direct experience of yourself.

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