What is your fastest way to reduce your own stress?

by | Feb 23, 2019 | Question & Answer

I stop creating stress to the best of my knowledge at that given time. Lately, I focus on the Spiritual Heart as strongly/one pointedly as I can and stay as Awareness. I let the stress be as it is, and let the energy of Love do the work of purification. I am aware that I am creating my stress within my mind, and the work is to become conscious of how I am creating my reality so that the process comes into my conscious control.

We are all undergoing a process of spiritual growth and awakening. We must connect with our inner knowing and proceed as best aligned as we can with this. There is no secret pill, no technique that can give you the growth you must acquire through sincere effort.

Can a person become a leading scientist without putting in the effort of developing their theoretical and practical knowledge and concentration? No object in the world can make this person what the necessary work to become this scientist can make them. Likewise, to truly master stress, we must understand through experience how we are creating it, how to stop creating it, how to live a life that is genuinely a result of higher understanding so that we don’t create stress any more to feel fulfilled.

So, as a warning.. don’t look for a ‘pill’, but look for information that can support your sincere desire to grow. When you actually grow, you will be able to create the matching results without needing something magical from outside. Work on your own growth, beginning to accept where you are at and giving the sincere effort to overcome your limitations.

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