I need some help reducing stress, can you please give me some advice?

by | Feb 27, 2019 | Question & Answer

We suffer because of our resistance to what is. The more we resist, the greater the suffering. We resist, because we want to uphold an identity, a separate sense of self that we think we are. This identity is called the ego.

Deep inside we know that we are one with life, and whatever happens, it is the desire of our deepest self that this happens. But, as evolving Souls, we haven’t fully awakened to this yet. And we believe ourselves to be this separate sense of self which at times thinks it contradicts with what is already happening as existence. When this happens, stress manifests.. because we feel this feeling of going against the flow, or the flow seeming to go against us, pushing us, preventing us, stressing us.

The wise way to deal with stress is to connect with our true self and cultivate this way of living in our lives. When we connect with our true self (I will explain how to do this effectively), our sense of separate self (the ego) beings to weaken and we create experiences where we feel more oneness with existence. However, because of the fact that we (commonly) have put much energy over a long time to this structure (the ego), it will take time to dissolve, and there will be resistance from the ego while we are awakening to this oneness due to the ego’s fear infused structure.

To effectively connect with our true self, there are specific practices (types of meditation) that can take us from beginning stages to full enlightenment. Basically, we start practicing, with smaller times in the beginning, and building up our practice. As we practice, our understanding evolves and we can practice in a deeper and more continuous way, naturally adjusting our ways of living.

In this path, basically, we are dismantling the cause of stress (or suffering) within us by practicing living as our true self.

My advice to you is to study the below article and start practicing meditation 5 minutes every morning. If or when you have too much difficulty doing this, read the follow up to that article explaining methods that can prepare you for meditation if meditation is too difficult for you. It is a very simple process, but most people have already built too much momentum within their minds, so when they first begin, it is challenging for them to focus and stay aware of this strong activity within. This is perfectly normal, and we are supposed to go through these challenges in our evolution. There are techniques to strengthen our concentration and the ability to stay centered, and as we practice these, we develop the skill to practice awareness based meditations with more centeredness/concentration. These are also explained in the follow up article linked within the article I am giving (What if meditation is too difficult?)

What is meditation? How to practice meditation.

What can you expect when you apply this advice?

If you do study and if you do practice (which is essential to succeed in the purpose of this answer), you will be cultivating the skill of creating peace within your mind, and your understanding will be evolving as a result of your new experiences and this in turn will make you a wiser person in the area of spirituality. Basically, you will know your spirit more, and all is coming from your spirit, you are shaping your reality, you are creating your stress, so you will be gaining insights of how you are doing this. You will be becoming more knowledgeable of the process of creation. Therefore, you will be setting into motion a momentum of gaining wisdom and leading to your transcending and mastering stress, the more you apply the advice. You will be learning to create a life with less stress, greater peace, more energy, more wisdom. And there will be times where you will experience resistance from the ego. With persistence and sincerity in practice, these resistances lose their hold on us. Here is a video that gives more info on this:

How the Ego Tries to Stop the Process of Purification and Healing

I hope this answer helps you with your stress.

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