Are you aware of how much time is passing while meditating?

by | Feb 26, 2020 | Question & Answer

Earlier, I used to have more thoughts about time, and sometimes looking at the cell phone clock somewhere during meditation, or near the end, ‘is the time up yet’? Lately, I don’t care much about the time, since I am working to stay meditative all the time. There are times when I focus more on meditation, especially in the mornings or before bedtime, I usually get into a sitting meditation pose.

Basically, time is a thought or idea humans have caught hold of. When our eyes are open and we are looking at the world, we observe things moving and we call certain periods/patterns of this motion, periods of time. We can count these periods.. call them seconds, minutes, hours.. so on, creating devices synced with these patterns to measure time. It is basically a certain mental understanding about creation. While living, we can also come to a state where we don’t specifically count or discriminate these patterns that much, or even not at all in some cases. For me, it can feel timeless at times when I am moving around, simply living my life. I have heard Sadhguru sitting at a place in deep meditation thinking that 4~ hours passed then to realize 13 days have passed when he opened his eyes and saw people gathered around him.

The sense of time can vary along with our perception. A single boring school lesson can seem to stretch forever or a really joyous state can feel as if time doesn’t exist and seems to pass perhaps so quickly, with ease.

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