How do I meditate for 10 minutes without any reaction to the thoughts that are coming from my mind?

by | Mar 5, 2020 | Question & Answer

The first step is to understand how to meditate. Please read this article for that. The rest of this answer builds on top of the core info in the article.

To most fully experience the state of awareness, you need to most fully maintain your focus on the object of meditation. There is a powerful breath meditation practice called the Ujjayi Meditation. I feel it is most helpful for me to sustainably focus on the breath. Afterwards an Ujjayi Meditation of 10 minutes, I can clearly recognize the state of awareness. In this video you can both learn the Ujjayi meditation technique and practice it for about 10 minutes under guidance. It is based on the same principle of meditation explained in the linked article. I advise you to eat lightly, and refraining from loading the body with chemicals/substances beforehand as much as possible just to support a clearer flow of breathing for your practice. Support your practice to the best of your knowledge, in a balanced way.

When you reach a greater state of awareness after the Ujjayi meditation, you can simply/better practice a normal breath awareness meditation where you are in a focused awareness of the breath. Here, fewer or more thoughts will arise in your mind depending on your level of development, but do your best to maintain your focus on the meditation object. Some of your thoughts may be reactionary thoughts to other thoughts/feelings/sensations arising. Still, when you realize this, return your attention to the breath.

Develop your practice by practicing regularly, and trying to maintain a state of meditativeness throughout the day.

If you feel like more of a beginner, and Ujjayi feels too intense for you, start with this more simple program instead.

Meanwhile, also learn Spiritual Heart Meditation. This meditation practice is focusing on the deepest part of ourselves to the source of unconditional love and most quickly quiets the mind. If your focus is strong enough, even reactionary thoughts will lessen and your mind will come to much greater peace. Maintain your focus on either the breath or the spiritual heart throughout the day, and remain as awareness, as you will be recognizing the state of awareness more and more as your practice keeps developing. Simply return to the object of meditation when your attention wanders, the more you do this, the more you are investing your energy in the direction of your awakening. When you find that your attention wanders, you need not get discouraged, you are just witnessing your mind while it is evolving, you can just return your focus back to the object and remain as awareness, and in this way you will be continuing your investment in the direction you desire. Where you are placing your attention to, is where you are investing your energy. You are a powerful creator, do not doubt that what you truly focus on is coming into your life.

Practice the directions in this answer and you will come closer and closer to the state you are trying to reach with your question. A dedicated Ujjayi Meditation alone can give you a very good glimpse of this state, yet more practice will be necessary to make this closer to a default state.

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