What type of Pranayam should I do to lose my weight and mental illness; I have schizophrenia and I can’t do postures because I have rods in my both hands and I can’t sit down due to joint replacement in one leg?

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Question & Answer

I am practicing a teaching where posture is not of primary importance. We focus on the pure life force energy (prana in its purest form) in our spiritual hearts and stay as awareness. This energy which is us at the deepest level is intelligent. It knows how to heal us at all levels. So, even if you can’t get into the positions and mudras of some classical teachings, you can still practice focusing on the pure love energy in your spiritual heart in whatever position you are at. This energy can heal all kinds of mental and physical diseases if we keep trusting it. And it doesn’t do a bypass type of healing where we are checked out and not there. It heals while we stay as awareness with it. You can meditate on this energy while laying down, resting, walking, sitting, whatever you are doing. It truly is unconditional. While focusing on this energy and staying as awareness, it gradually comes into every part of your human system, and as you are staying in awareness, you are educated by your Higher Self as your healing/integration/awakening process unfolds.

I have been educating myself for 10 years on this path (link will be given below, as channelhigherself site), actively practicing for more than 6 years. It is very very effective, but for a thorough healing and awakening, it will take some time depending on the person (depends on how dedicated and sincerely working you are on your path and the amount of your karma) . But, even beginning and practicing will lead to immediate improvements.

I don’t recommend learning and practicing a pranayama exercise for the purposes of healing a mental disease like schizophrenia without getting educated about how and when and why to use it, or have a qualified teacher guiding you in what to practice and about the next step. An only rare exception I know to this is would be your having found a path of devotion for yourself very strongly connected with your heart’s guidance.

I recommend working with a qualified teacher and gradually educating yourself/practicing under guidance or at least communicating as needed with such a teacher. You can do this from your home also if you have sufficient family or friend support to help meet your physical/emotional needs and if the teacher is working with online students. If you sincerely look for one, if you sincerely desire to awaken and be free of suffering, you should be able to find, because there are teachers who are working here to help humanity in this world and we create our experience from within. You will find what you need to heal most quickly when you are sincere in your desire to heal. You can look out for free teachings that can support you while you strenghten in your path of healing with your sincere effort. Great teachers have many free teachings/occasional free programs available that can help start to build up a strong foundation for you while you work for your healing and enlightenment. I have benefited from so many of them over the years.

The following video gives detailed information about mental illness including schizophrenia. There is information about the food, toxins and emotional aspects as well. This can be helpful in understanding the depth of healing and integration one needs to undergo for full recovery in mental and physical health.

Spiritual Help: Emotional Trauma & Physical Toxins Cause Mental Illness & Schizophrenia

The following conversation also contains very important information about the experiences undergone during deep emotional healing, and what truly helps during this:

What to do when deep emotions and memories from trauma surface?

Two different qualified sources that have the capability (teachings and qualified people to guide) to help you that I know are:

Isha Yoga Center in India,

Channel Higher Self.com

Don’t underestimate the work required for healing mental disease and recovering physical health but also do not underestimate your innate creative power and intelligence that is capable of reaching any goal. This is where being sincere and trusting life, willing to do the necessary work comes in. If this is there, the rest will happen no matter how long it needs to take. Allow the time it needs to take while walking firmly with sincerety, trust and the enlightened guidance you find both from right/genuine teachers and from within your heart.

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