What do you do when you aren’t worth anything?

by | Jan 4, 2020 | Question & Answer

🙂 Well I will break your question because you are worth more than nothing for me, so I would like to write an answer. 😉

In fact you are worth more than the universe itself, because the universe is happening within you, literally.

Your mind might believe you are not worth anything because of not having yet experienced being valued. In order to change this, the most direct and sure way is to focus deepest within yourself to feel the energy of life. To feel the unconditional love, this energy of life. When you start to experience this energy coming from within your heart, your mind will start to change. You will start to become aware of the blocks within your mind that restrict this flow of life energy. Just look at them, see them as they are and let them go. This energy of life within you is the source of all value. When you keep experiencing this energy, your mind’s understanding of value will effortlessly change. You can experience this energy by focusing on the center of your chest, to your spiritual heart (deepest energy center in the human being), it is that direct. This energy is one with you, it is not something else other than you. So, you don’t need to go to somewhere else to find it. Nothing can keep it away from you unless you truly, sincerely wish to experience it and focus on it.

Give it a try, and give yourself a chance to discover your true worth, worth existence itself!

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