How long is it normal to be looking for a sales job?

by | Jan 9, 2020 | Question & Answer

Ready for a deep dive? This answer themed with your question touches the deepest truths, is aimed to provide an opportunity to explore these to create experiences of freedom, happiness and wisdom for you:

Normal changes according to the society you are living in. And it changes also moment to moment within that society. Therefore, it will become very confusing if you try to define normal in a concrete conceptual way. Instead, see things as they are; every being in society has a unique perspective to themselves. All of these perspectives coexist to determine what is generally acceptable in the society. Every individual will even have a different perspective about what is generally acceptable in society. You can acquire a sense of what society is when you live with awareness and live in society. This will be an evolving understanding, not a concrete conceptual mental definition that will stay the same.

So, you simply look at life, and you also look within yourself. Your understanding of the world will evolve, and your understanding of who you are will also evolve. The word look here points to awareness. Be aware of the world, and be aware of deeper dimensions within. This way, you will become more aware of what you truly desire, and also understanding the world better, you can make better decisions. The desire to find what is normal arises because you want to be accepted in what you are doing. You are actually seeking acceptance from the world. You are trying to mentally find a definition of normal, so that you can adhere to it and finally be accepted. But, since what is acceptable is different for each person, and is changing moment to moment, it is not possible to capture this (the idea of normalcy) in a concrete way of thinking. This moment you may think you have found it, but some time later you will see that it doesn’t fit perfectly in each and every situation. So, you won’t be able to feel hundred percent accepted all the time by following this approach.

The sure way of feeling accepted all the time in all situations is to give this acceptance to yourself as yourself. You can transcend your mind by focusing on your deeper self, your true self, which is not who you think you are as a separate being, but who you actually are as the universal self. This is becoming free of the need of a concrete definition of normalcy and freeing your mind to create what you really desire to create.

Who you truly are is life itself; unconditional love, awareness and the intelligence of life. (See this reference for a detailed description of this Higher Self ) Therefore, you can be yourself to give your human self unconditional love; the acceptance you have been unsuccessfully trying to reach a hundred percent experience of by seeking it from the world/acceptance of others.

Try this guided meditation to experience yourself more as the unconditional love, awareness and the intelligence of life. Experiencing these deepest aspects gives us the actual understanding of who we truly are as our deepest self and this guided meditation is designed to guide you in creating this experience.

What will happen as a result as you truly explore such meditations? Well, you will discover more and more your conscious ability to create your happiness from within yourself, rather than trying to capture it from the world using your mind. And once your happiness becomes your conscious creation, you can look for a sales job as long as you desire, for eternity if you like 🙂 and still be able to be happy. Of course, you won’t need to do that, you can adjust your approach to find or create a job to fulfill your needs in life as you start to be able to access your innate intelligence more (the intelligence of your Higher Self).

The universe is infinite possibilities. You are the creative consciousness creating the universe. Create whatever you desire, with limitless responsibility. Be free. You are loved, always, because deep inside, you are Love itself. Armed with this knowledge now, you can create a whole new possibility for your life if you desire.

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