Why do we face difficulties at work when I advance in meditation?

by | Feb 16, 2020 | Question & Answer

The difficulties sheep face when being herded by a shepherd are being shouted at and scared, being beaten with a stick in some cases.. but as long as they move along the way the shepherd desires, it will be OK for them, until the day they are sent to the butcher. (Excluding the ways of compassionate animal growers)

Human beings are similar. When we are not using our innate capacity to be aware, we learn to move along. We learn to fit in. We get conditioned to do what is generally acceptable. When our consciousness is not awakened (to a large degree), we experience that we get shaped by our circumstances much more often than not. We try to avoid punishment and run after rewards. This results in a mediocre life, and sooner or later we will face what we are running away from.. and with accumulated karma. Imagine the case of a worker who suppressed their sense of truth to fit in and worked decades in a place only then to get disillusioned.. to realize they have spent much of their energy to support something that didn’t create happiness for them, rather.. mediocrity and hidden misery. Now.. they will feel the need to let go of all these tendencies they built up over all these years.

When we start to grow faster through meditativeness, we become more aware of our heart’s desires, our heart’s intelligence, our higher, deeper intelligence. Usually, people around us who are not in tune with this intelligence will be resisting it in one way or another within themselves. So, when you display more of this intelligence as your natural actions/expression, people may react with resistance to this.

You will not experience additional difficulty if you keep loving everything unconditionally, when you keep your meditativeness when you face such resistance. Sometimes the challenge arises because we are resisting other people’s resistance. Just accept people as they are, not meaning that you surrender to their understanding, but you accept that they have such understanding. Then, you can better navigate the situation, because you are more in tune with the broader reality of the situation.

Meditation will also show you your own inner resistance to life as well. Keep integrating with maintaining awareness and going deeper and deeper into unconditional love as best as you can find it.

I think that meditation speeds up our growth by resulting in the increasing the flow of life energy within us. All lessons speed up. The intensity of life increases, but we can be a match for this because we are also growing in intelligence/energy/awareness. It will be a journey in the direction from dull to exuberance. Keep returning to your center and maintain your meditativeness as best as you know it and you will grow through difficulties. You will be embracing more and more of life, not avoiding it.. your understanding growing, you integrating what seems as difficult into your understanding, and the difficulty will pass when you truly understand how things are and start to live in harmony with them, expressing your heart’s desire/according to your higher intelligence.

🙂 Interesting.. after writing this answer.. YouTube gave me a video of a kind shepherd. Now.. does the world reflect our inner world? So.. be loving to those people resisting your expression.. love them as if they are perfect, as if everything is perfect.. and maybe they will become perfect for you as you experience a perfection of reality.

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