Question to My Guru and Answer, Which Comes Right After I Myself am Able to Discern a Similar Answer

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Some days ago I had asked the following question (a few emotional lines have been omitted by my guru to make it more clear for the public) and today I received the answer. Below the answer of my guru, I am giving a link to a blog post I wrote a few days ago, which I have figured out a similar answer in different words. So, here is an example where the student’s understanding is evolving and the guru’s advice is gently helping the student grow with a higher level of understanding that also encompasses the student’s new insights.

QUESTION: I try to stay devoted but each time something happens and I lose the devoted state, I get demoralized. You gave me the solution to these. I should return to focusing on the Spiritual Heart and living from that state every time. I seem to have this attachment with humanly desires, every time I find a way to start bleeding out the energy I have gained and start spiraling down again. I am like a spoiled child. Every time you clearly warn me, and every time I find a way to sabotage myself. Why do Souls linger when they see their guru’s or an enlightened person’s wonderful state? Is this happening because the ego finds a way to deceive me to stop focusing on the Spiritual Heart every time? Please give me the most painful/direct/sharp advice, that would shake me to the core, so that your time is spared. Am I a bad student or is it normal that such faltering happens?

MY ANSWER: The best answer that I can give is that the mind has a long time pattern of looking out into the world for happiness. It is only a pattern. When we meditate inwards, we are creating a new pattern. This new inward looking pattern will replace the older outward looking pattern.

I see this as very scientific. There is no need to attach morality, good vs bad judgments or stories to this. It is simply a pattern of outward looking for happiness that must be changed.

When we make life simple, the the truth is easier to find. We stop confusing ourselves.

Blessings and Love

~ Lincoln Gergar

My blog post from a few days a go where I am gaining similar insights: The post

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