On Being Honest and Being Rejected

by | Nov 20, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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I just had a very intense experience, actually I had another one today, a less intense experience. In the intense experience, in a friendly conversation, I mentioned a thought that had passed through my inner world. One of the people I was talking to suddenly got very angry and asked me to leave.

The purpose of sharing that thought was to be an open book. I shared it with the intention of being fully authentic in friendship, fully authentic in life. But this sharing of mine suddenly released an intense emotion in the other person and he asked me to leave.

Earlier today, I also shared with a friend my heartfelt feelings and thoughts as they were. I explained that I felt that the path we were on together was not auspicious, and I said what I felt in good faith.

There was a sadness and an intensity of emotion, not like the first experience I wrote about, this time it was a sadness and a pushing away. The first one was anger pushing away.

These are private experiences and I will never share them with anyone, of course. I wrote, “The purpose of writing this article is this.” When I go through it for the second time, I will write, “You can understand the purpose of writing this article below.” I think this will be the only sentence I changed.

Of course, I was surprised to encounter such an intense emotional reaction, I was expecting a reaction, but I didn’t expect such a reaction. But then I thought it was normal, everyone reacts according to their inner world.

With another acquaintance of mine, sometimes when we are talking, he suddenly gets angry. And we start arguing. It’s like an unstoppable scenario. He gets angry somewhere, somehow. I become myself, and the anger is somehow triggered in this person I know in front of me. It flares up, then we argue, I try my best to defuse it, sometimes I get defensive, but it doesn’t work, it breaks the relationship even more.

When there is such a flow of energy from the other person, in my opinion, my ego is also activated, and in that moment, if I can be centered, the energy is beautifully dampened with the energy of unconditional love and a maturation occurs in me.

After this intense flow of emotion from the other side that just happened, after a while I also felt a great excitement and vibration. I focused on the Spiritual Heart, and there was no negativity in me, but I still made a return to the other person. Our communication was suddenly cut off, but I felt the desire to convey my true intention to him and I did so.

I might not have done it.

Yes… honesty can sometimes open up subtle energies, and things can get messy. Anyway, I have opened a lot of veiled energies on my way to finding myself, and my life has been through a lot of messes. Right now I am writing this article with peace of mind. Maybe we will not see each other for a long time or we will fall out with the person I am sharing with.

I just remembered another incident where the other person also suddenly got angry.

My interpretation is this. Deep unconscious emotions that are covered up can suddenly be triggered by the triggers that life throws in front of us. These are the opportunities that life offers us for our development and self-knowledge. Is it as if life is an intelligent being and offers us these things? Of course, both my logical inference and my intuitive feeling tell me that life is an intelligent and conscious being. This is my perspective, my point of view and I am sharing it with you here.

What happens next… I think I have taken another step forward. Sometimes a truthful person can be kicked out of nine villages. I have left many ‘villages’ in my life because I was true to myself. Some of them were quite contentious, some of them I left in a depressed state saying what the hell is this place. Some of them were quiet, I had nothing to say at that moment because I had nothing to say to the people in the environment I left.

Rejection does not mean that there is something wrong with you. Rejection, being rejected, is just a moment when a point of your energy that is incompatible with the person who rejected you comes up and you are pushed away from each other. It is very normal. For example, there may be tens of millions of people in the world right now who don’t want you, who don’t like you. Just like there may be tens of millions of people who don’t like apples, there are probably that many people who don’t like apples, right? Rejection, disapproval is just like that, it has to do with the people who reject you, who disapprove of you. Of course it is also about you, you have created yourself in such a way that those people will reject you. But the important thing is this. There is nothing wrong with you. You have just made a creation and they are rejecting you, that’s all. Of course, according to those who reject you, you are wrong and you should not be like that. But according to the universe, you can be like that, the universe allows you to be like that, allows you to exist like that. So after the moment of rejection you flow to where you are supposed to be, as you are every moment. To a reality where there are no people in your life who reject you and don’t want to be with you. This is a marvelously beautiful thing. Why? Because those who reject you are given this freedom, and they can live a reality without you, and you come to a place where you are in harmony with your energy. A position where you are getting your true desire. And you are always in this position. The universe always gives you your true desire.

I will say now that your true desire is a composite energy. All the energies within you, whether they are emotions, thoughts, or deeper spiritual energies that are not easily recognized. Like intentions. An intention can be silently realized without thinking. This is how your reality is a composite set of energies. And life presents this composite energy to you exactly as it is shaped by your soul. Perhaps life itself is the reality formed by this composite energy, if you look at it from the highest perspective. So there is someone who sees the dream, he sees it as he wants to see it. He says it will happen. This is the deepest.

So when you listen to your heart, when you act in harmony with it, when you do what comes from within, the experiences that happen to you, the reactions of people to you, are exactly as they should be. This is what happens to you as you transition into the reality you desire, as you create your life moment by moment, consciously or unconsciously. Rejection is very normal, it is a part of life. Accepting it as it is will happen simultaneously with focusing on the unconditional love within you and being aware of what is happening. And while all this is going on, it is always possible to discover and gradually experience a dimension of peace deep within your soul, perhaps a dimension of your soul. So you can be at peace, if you really want to experience it.

I think my intention in writing this article is to turn the energy within me into a creation, and this creation will be an article about rejection and honesty. Of course it is an article influenced by the energies inside me. But in this way it will be an article that can give a unique perspective for people who one day are experiencing the same energies or have experienced them in their lives and will be guided by life in some way. Life will open up a little bit more for me and for those who read it. I guess that was my goal when I wrote the article 🙂 🙂

Update right after the article: I realized that writing the article didn’t fully resolve the energy inside me. I can only release it through meditation. In other words, the article was also realized with a little bit of my inner energy mobilizing me, it was a personal and emotional article.

Another update a little later: I read the article again after I sent it. I still haven’t started meditating. I think the energy within me is still manifesting in my consciousness in a repetitive way in my experience, like re-watching a video movie. Why? Because I keep focusing on it. I’m shifting my focus and pulling it to the Spiritual Heart and meditating now. In half an hour, God willing, I will come back and continue writing this post.

Not half an hour has passed, and I think I’ve released more energy than I realized. There is only one thing I can do. I’m going to stop this article here, I’m not going to focus on this energy anymore, and I’m going to go into a deep meditation. I trust in life, I trust in God, and I surrender.

Next day update: There was a resolution in the energy, I think it helped a lot to focus on the Spiritual Heart, Divine Love. It was not a continuous focus, but I can say that a stuck energy was released and purified. After that I wrote 4 more articles (click on the next post button below for the next one). (Update: The next 4 articles contain an energy to help better understand relationships and rejection.)

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