Towards Enlightenment (5): Waking up While Drifting Off / An Introduction to Energy Capacity

by | Jul 17, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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July 17, 2015 17:05 After I posted the previous article I didn’t focus directly on meditation. I walked around the house, I went to my father’s, I petted the cats, I ate 15 almonds, I want to play the accordion now. I realized that I was going towards forgetting the center and spiraling outwards. I will play the accordion again, but first I will meditate a little bit to remember my center.

17:50 I played the accordion. I would like to share it here, but I am quite an amateur. I’m quite rusty, so one day why not. Towards the end I got into the notes and sounds… But as soon as I finished I wanted to go back to centering. This time I’ll go into a deep meditation and stay for 2-3 hours. After that I’ll complete this last post of the day and see what flows out of me.17:53.

19:27 I meditated for a while, and I’m sure I got deeper because my body started to rotate quite widely around the spinal axis. Then I felt the need to lie down and fell asleep. Now I’ll go back to meditation. 19:29.

20:04 A friend called and we chatted for about 10 minutes and then I meditated the rest of the time. I didn’t go that deep this time.

Tonight I feel calm, I feel energized. I continue my life with less food and water without any problems. In response to the title of waking up while drifting off, I will write the following. The efforts made accumulate and create a continuity of awareness from the background, from below, that will remind you to wake up after a short time, even if you drift off. The silent energy within me does not let me forget it easily, as long as I practice focusing on it. That’s why my experience of waking up while drifting is much faster than in the past. For example, in the past I would drift off and realize it after hours, now I realize it in less than an hour. And then it’s my choice whether to go back to meditation or not. And I’m choosing to go back these days. Now I’m going to go for a walk, do some sports and make an effort to keep the centering, the meditative state, the focus on the Spiritual Heart. When I come back, if there is anything left to write, I’ll write about it and close this article. 17 July 2015 20:10

The aunt in the neighboring apartment offered yogurt and rice pudding. She also served dolma. My father ate it and I had a small bowl of yogurt and rice pudding because it was offered from the heart. We walked on the beach and chatted. My father told me about his wishes and dreams. I don’t know how it will be in my current process, what we will do, what kind of relationship we will have with my parents in their old age. It will depend on them and on me. But I have a confidence in life and I feel a sense of liberation right now. When I was sitting on the beach, talking to my father, my body was slightly oscillating around my spinal axis. I guess it’s not very noticeable from the outside when it’s less. And I was also feeling energy in the Root Chakra, so there was something about trust, as I was going through the meditative state. The Root Chakra is about trust. I realized that I didn’t quite match with many of my father’s dreams, but we’ll find a natural balance, he’ll act as he pleases and I’ll act as he pleases, we’ll meet somewhere. For example, he was talking about growing hops and how it would be nice to have a regular income, and I mentioned that I can’t stand the grass and can’t cut it. I also mentioned that I don’t even want to pick fruit from the trees, even though I buy fruit from the market. My inner contradictions are not over either. But now I wonder if I will get less and less hungry and stop eating fruit, which seems more and more possible, even though it seems unbelievable. All the best for everything. Everything happens on time, not before. You could also say that we are going to the apocalypse. 🙂

I would like to add this about the title, which I think will determine the content of the next article. As we continue the meditation and become more and more aware of the energy of love, this silent energy, as we focus on the Spiritual Heart, the body, or the multidimensional human being (mental/emotional/physical bodies) starts to fill up with this energy. While this energy is filling up, on the other hand, the patterns in the ego are causing this energy to drain. As the ego purifies, the energy discharge decreases, and the body begins to purify. Nutrition also plays a big role here. For example, artificial foods, processed foods, meat, etc. limit the body’s capacity to hold energy, whereas vegetarian, vegan, fruitarian, juicing, etc., result in a body that is progressively cleaner, free of toxins, and has a higher capacity to hold energy. For example, if your stored sexual energy is approaching the storage capacity of the body, you may feel the need to release it somehow or use it, depending on the content of your ego. Or if you are on the path of love, if the universe wants to purify you, with the energy you have stored, your body starts to purify, to detoxify and you are directed towards lighter diets. You crave lighter foods and you want to give up heavy foods. This purifies your body over time and your capacity to hold energy increases. This is the energy that allows people to be awake, sober, have a fresh mind and be healthy. I can also call it sexual energy, it can also be called Prana (Indian Civilization), I have also heard it called Mana. Chi is the name given in the Chinese civilization, in Japan. What do we call it? Love or Affection? Nur? These are the subjects Mevlana devoted himself to. I knew someone who said that Nur descended into my heart and I felt it there for three days. I looked it up after finishing the article. In Islamic mysticism, this energy is called Baraka. I will share when I know the relationship between Nur and Baraka (Update (March 29, 2020)): I started to work on finalizing the construction of the site and while browsing through the topics I saw the term Baraka, which in Arabic means barakah, which in Turkish means bereket 🙂 . From this we can see that it is possible to not even understand what a word written in front of our eyes means. In 2020 I feel the energy of abundance strongly within me. Right now the world is going through a difficult time, but after the cleansing that it will experience as it goes through this time, the world will become a much more loving and abundant place. People will come closer to each other).

Yes, when you start to purify, and when your sexual energy starts to build up, when your ego starts to purify, you start to flow this life energy that I’m talking about no longer flowing out or flowing less frequently or flowing at times of your choosing, you start to get rid of the egoic patterns that would cause the energy to flow out. This causes the energy to start accumulating in you. As far as I can understand, as this energy accumulates, you become less hungry, and your vitality/awakeness increases, and the continuity of awareness becomes easier. It becomes a kind of ascension. In this way, it becomes easier to wake up to this, to realize this. The capacity for this to happen also develops with the efforts one puts in moment by moment and the natural purification process. In a way, you start to take conscious control of your energy and your capacity increases. I think this increases your ability to reach higher spiritual experiences. But even though the ability changes, the potential to reach the highest experiences is always available for everyone. It’s just that the path may be longer or shorter depending on the level you are at.

I have tried to give you my perspective within my limited knowledge. With the experiences I share and the interpretations I bring to them, I try to create information that we can all benefit from. But this is not the ultimate information, it is part of a supportive perspective created during the transition from one level to another. My intention is to share love with you and this is how it flows through me right now, this is how the universe expresses me. Have a good night. 23:01 July 17, 2015.

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