Towards Enlightenment (6): From Morning Thought Soup to Clear Mind / Some People I’ve Learned From

by | Jul 18, 2015 | Blog Post (Translated from Turkish)

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08:08 on July 18, 2015. I’ve been lying in bed half awake for about half an hour or so, but only half awake. My mind is a soup of thoughts, a blur, and I am swimming in it. I am slowly waking up and becoming aware of it. I know that my mind is much more active in a horizontal position, but as soon as I come out of this sleep state, I am only now becoming aware of the mind being so active and blurry at this level. I don’t remember much about my dreams that I had tonight. Now I’m physically upright but I haven’t woken up yet. I still feel the capacity to write clearly mentally, but I feel that after some meditation I’ll be much clearer. Eyes are slightly blurred. 08:12.

08:14 As a small addition, when I woke up I was lying face down with my head slightly on my side and on the pillow. When I lie down after meditation during the day, I lie on my back with my head lifted by the pillow. There may be a difference between these in terms of mind activity. 08:16

08:57 After putting the cat’s egg on the fire, I sit in Spiritual Heart meditation. Time has passed quickly. My mind is clear now. I feel centered now, vigorous enough to start the day, and a calm mind. I have to go to feed the animals by preparing their food, making the market, making yogurt and so on. So I will take a break for a while. 08:59 July 18, 2015

09:49 The market is not set up. I won’t make yogurt in this case, but I had leftovers from last week because I didn’t eat much this week. I prepared the animal stew and put it on the fire. I’m boiling corn as a bonus. Eid bonus 🙂 . I feel a slight hunger now. But it has passed. I haven’t drunk water yet but I will now. I am increasing my effort to focus on the Spiritual Heart. I felt centered during the preparation of the meal and didn’t make much effort. 09:51.

10:34 I had a meditation time where I didn’t go too deep, I was interested in the food. The energy in my heart is shaking me slowly, there is a very slight physical shaking, I guess you can’t tell without looking very carefully from the outside. I looked at the stats for the blog, there is a certain audience and there are people who are starting to follow. I don’t want to care about that or focus on that. Of course, knowing that people are benefiting from the blog will be an influence for me to continue. I share what I write primarily because I already feel this in myself. In other words, I know that in whatever state I continue, what I write will be useful. The universe itself makes the rest of the adjustments, it brings whoever it wants to bring to the blog and takes whoever it wants to take away. For years, I have read and watched whichever of the hundreds of videos on Lincoln Gergar’s website, from which I have learned a lot, whichever topic was relevant to the information I needed at that moment. Or of course from Google. I searched for the topics that I was interested in, thanks to Google, it comes up, it is a great service. I have been using Google for more than 15 years and I have opened my horizons and found new experiences thanks to Google, more than I can keep track of now. The most important people I have benefited from are first of all Lincoln Gergar, then the couple Akahi and Camila (more Akahi), and then Osho, but Osho was like a double-edged sword… get it. I needed him, I learned a lot from him. Eckhart Tolle also left his mark on me at the beginning with his book called The Power of Now. Before that and during that period, I used Morty Lefkoe’s method a lot. I learned a lot from him too. Before that, I was also following famous personal development figures like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor. And of course Steve Pavlina. Steve Pavlina’s blog has a very rich content and it has been very stimulating for me since I think 2006 or 2007. I still look at it every now and then to see what he’s doing. Self-help experts like Tony Robbins, Brian Tracy, Bob Proctor, they created a lot of confusion for me because their messages were still in the egoic dimension. Steve Pavlina also has a strong ego, but he also follows his heart. I think I got the information from all of them on their own level, and I think I got the information that would create experiences that would lead to lessons that would serve the level I was at that moment. These are the important people I can think of for now. Let me also talk about Teal Swan and Victoria Vives Khuong. Teal Swan was a person who, despite her own dark side, made the effort to help people. I learned from her that I can help people even before the end, and Victoria has been a beautiful light for me with her pure energy. Anick Gervais was an example of an immature, inexperienced but loving character. I have also realized many such people through Facebook, but life as a whole has been my main teacher. I learned something from countless people, from everyone I came across. Now it’s time to go to the field. 10:50 July 17, 2015

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